Friday, December 19, 2008

One week later........

Snowmageddon is on its way to Ontary-ario, snow is headed here come Sunday , I am headed east come Midnight. HA! Take that winter.
Can you believe the snow that hit Las Vegas! Holy Frak. I feel their pain I totally do although for Nevada folk it might be a fun novelty.
Newman was to the vet today for shots, poo examination, and to get some sores checked out. What we put down as cat acne appears to be a fungal infection and now with a new ointment (Surolan) to torture him with, twice a day, on any and all boo boos we find on him (face, foot, and possibly belly so far). NOT NICE, man. Poor guy and now we be leaving him to the tender mercies of the pet sitters who come a few times a day to care for the house and fur children.
Knitting: Finished Dad's hat and it was too big and I had to shrink it. Another good thing about wool: shrinkability. HA! Casted on a scarf and frogged it. Casted on last pair of mittens and had to frog them too. Need to finish the thumbs on Dad's mittens (Procrastination, thy name is Me).
We are so excited to head out tonight. I hope everyone who visits here has a wonderful holiday season, no matter how its is celebrated (or not celebrated). May you all have joy in your lives.

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Tara said...

Aw, poor Newman! I hope he's feeling better!