Friday, December 12, 2008

My Eyes Hurt

For two days I have been watching every episode of True Blood on the internet, with and without Chinese subtitles (stupid Blockbuster doesn't have the DVDs otherwise I could have watched it with much more comfort. Stupid Blockbuster. How could they NOT HAVE IT.
Sometimes I couldn't get full screen and had to strain my eyes with a wee little window to get my fix. I started in the morning and watched as much as I could all day. Did you know that some websites limit your free video watching and cut you off for an hour!!!? Bastards.
I'm hooked. Hooked I tell ya. 12 episodes in two eyes hurt. And yet I crave MORE!!!!! MORE MORE MORE.
I "heart" Bill and Sam. I wish I had a hot vampire and a hot shape shifter fighting over me.
Is Sam leaving town? Will Bill and Sookie stay together? Will Tara pull her head out of her ass and stop yelling at everyone? Is Lafayette DEAD?? (please no please no please no no no)
I swear this is the best TV I have ever had. If Santa saw his way clear to putting Season One under the tree for me I would really be happy.
Down side of watching approximatly 11 hours of True Blood is that I started talking with a Southern accent but accident.


Tara said...

What's this about me pulling my head out of my ass?

Suldog said...

[Same comment I just left on another woman's blog, concerning "Twilight"]

OK, I'm as baffled as I ever was on this subject. Just what is it that women find attractive about freakin' vampires?

I mean, if I said that I dug bloodsucking freaks who wanted to take a bite of me, women would be wondering if I had lost my marbles.

What is it I'm missing? Seriously. Give me some insight. The whole thing puzzles the heck out of me.

Anonymous said...

What is it you're missing? Edward. (but he may not do the trick for you- but that's the gist of the whole Twilight thing. Edward.)

Something new to add to my Netflix list...

AliP said...

I haven't read Twilight actually.
I can explain if for ya Sully. Its the lust. The pure unadulterated need a vampire has for his beloved. Not just for his MEAL but for someone so special that he could never harm her or allow her to be harmed. Its the whole ravishment fantasy that most women have too. To be robbed of self control and reason AND to have that feeling reciprocated. Pretty intense.
Sookie and Bill as a couple are pretty sweet but also pretty hot. What woman doesn't want to be adored to the extent that her lover would die to try and rescue her (when Rene was killin' Sookie and Bill sensed her danger while he was in his sleeping place and he came out into the sun to try and save her). Oh sure, we all say we'd do that but seriously? Not too many people do except mothers for their children in a burning building.
Also, with True Blood, there are layers and side character stories that are very entertaining as well as the love story of Bill and Sookie. Plus a lot of humor.