Friday, December 05, 2008

Best. Knit night. EVAH !!

Last Saturday my knitting friend Geeta and I pledged to attend Knit Night this evening in order to celebrate our mutual birthdays. Her's was the 3rd and mine is the 8th.
Tonight was that night. Lots of lovely knitter friends came to knit night to help us celebrate! I want to take this moment to say THANK YOU ALL! Its was lovely to share time with everyone and knit together (and nosh together and sip wine together....).
Ginette our mostest hostess provided wine and tortiere and quiche and a birthday cake that I had to forego because Hman had arrived to pick me up (see wine sipping comments above for why I didn't drive) and was NOT willing to park and come in since he had an extra kidlet with him (Ben had a sleep over friend). I'll get my slice tomorrow at work ( I HOPE!!). It looked sensational.
Geeta and I each had a gift for the other but hers totally blew mine out of the water. TOTALLY. We'd all planned to have a Noro Scarf KAL in January after all the Xmas fuss was over and we could selfishly knit for ourselves. Turns out that my Bombay Baby ( I know, I know... its Mumbai now) knit me the scarf. It was her plan all along and she was surprised to see me at the shop one evening in November picking out my yarn for the scarf. So she and Ginette kept it a secret and I have the most kick ass scarf ever (especially since I didn't have to knit it...scarves are way tedious but this one is soooo niiice). The Noro Silk Garden yarn is way softer than I thought it would knit it up to be and she used the yarn colours I had picked out. HA! She got me big time! I was totally floored.
Dana, my pet and darling, she surprised me with an adorable little tin and my knee jerk reaction was to open it even though it was empty...NOT. What I thought was a cute empty tin was actually a tin with a gift card inside. SWEET! Now I can get the CD I want without guilt. Yes!
My pal and travelling companion to Rhinebeck, Janet also surprised me as I was leaving with a fantastic knitting book, Handknit Holidays by Melanie Fralick and its perfect for me. I have been close to buying it several times and have found patterns I admired only to discover that they were in this book which I didn't have. Now I do!!!
I am so spoiled. Great friends. Lovely thoughtful gifts. I am so very very blessed. Thank you.

Pictures will be added asap of the luverly gifts.


Josiane said...

Sounds like it was the perfect knit night/birthday celebration! Happy birthday Alison!

AliP said...

Thanks! 41 on Monday...ugh. I'm amazed I've made it this far! LOL

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday tomorrow. 41 is nothing (I can say that, I'm 42)

Tara said...

Happy Birthday Alison! Why aren't these vital stats on Facebook? Then I could have sent you a proper b-day wish. Oh well.

Nice giftage. I'd be interested in that Noro scarf KAL, btw...

The Author said...

Are you in Montreal? I just stumbled on your blog but it so happens that I've been DYING to find some sort of knitting circle / stitch'n'bitch action so that I can really get down to my much-neglected knitting. Will you be having another knitting night?