Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday from NS

HI! We are in Nova Scotia and while lovin' it (LOVIN' IT!), there are small things that are annoying. Like, why is so much of the beer selection in CANS? Eeeeww. That and I can't buy my beer at the grocery store, but in a store adjacent to the grocery store and y'all know how lazy I am.
I made a quick trip to Tangled Skeins today (yarn shop in Dartmouth) because I lost a 4.5 mm DPN. Seriously, I was heartbroken to require a trip to a yarn shop. I wept! REal tears! Ok...not foolin' anyone....
Lovely yarn lady there not only sold me my needles (Brittany 4.5 mm dpns) but also sold me 8 ( EIGHT) skeins of Warani in my favourite colour which I didn't buy when it was available in Montreal (colour: clover...a lovely green) and now its not available in Montreal and I has regrets. Not only that, but because she's havin' a sale this weekend, she sold it to me at the sale price of half off. Oh yes I did score 8 balls for the price o'four! Uh huh...thats right...yeah baby! I have plans will be the body of a 3/4 length sleeved patterned yoke sweater for yours truly. I will coordinate the yoke colours from available Warani in Montreal. In my head its beautiful (and I am thin...).
We are now in our rented accomadations here in the NS. A cozy farm house in Pine Grove.
I am very happy and have maybe had a bit too much vodka too fast...but i am lovin' it.

Hugs All!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Tell me you have the camera! The vodka is very, very important- but the camera?

Tara said...

"In my head it's beautiful (and I am thin)"

You crack me up, girl! :)