Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Here we go: Newman

Unlike his namesake, my Newman is very difficult to photograph because he doesn't keep still long enough. Basically I ended up with a lot of ass shots because he moves pretty quick.
He looks like a dirty white cat right now but thats his colour coming in. By age two he'll be fully coloured. Wherever he looks dingey and dirty on the white is where the blue grey will be.
Even dirty looking he's adorable and as you can see by our cuddle, a true Ragdoll fur baby.


Terri-Lynn said...

Oh he looks so fluffy and soft! Welcome home to your new fur baby!

AliP said...

He's already a big part of the family and the cuddle factor is off the charts. He's up in my arms now as I type purring his heart

Suldog said...

Nice looking fellow! I didn't realize that ragdolls color as they age. You learn something new every day!

Anonymous said...

So sweet!!

K. said...

He looks so poofy and soft and deserving of lots of cuddles!