Sunday, April 27, 2008

Spring Sprang

Internet photo of Tiger's Eye sumac foliage.
Spring has sprung and the grass is trying to rise except I am digging it all up in the front yard for those gardens I keep blathering about. Much money has been spent on those blathering gardens in the last week because Spring has,y'know, sprung and all.
New plants in 2008 for my yard include: a russian sage, 1 Honey Perfume rose, 3 rhododendrons of various sorts(2 are impemedium(?) and one like the one I have but pink), 2 buddeleia, 1 "Destined To See" day lily, 1 lady's mantle, 1 Tiger's Eyes Staghorn Sumac (very cool..Google it)to take the place of the dearly departed hydrangea standard in front of the bay window, 5 lupins(3 red, 1 blue, 1 yellow), 4 columbines, 3 veronica spiccata....and thats all I remember. I think thats far...mwahahahahahahahaha. I need lots more to fill in some and to get the perennials I need for a cottage style garden. Delphiniums, black eyed susans, a couple more lady's mantles, more liatris would be nice, some alliums, maybe more sedums.. Suggestions for drought tolerant cottage garden flowers are welcome.
I have gone through one cubic yard of compost so far and ordered 4 more to be delivered possibly tomorrow. Mulch wise, I have lots left out of the 2.5 cubic yard compressed bale (thats still FROZEN so I can only spread mulch in my path as it thaws). You'd think that with the weather we've had it would thaw faster but, no, its not. The daffs are bloooming, the tulips budding, the lilacs also forming buds and opening the first leaves, The honeysuckle hedge is likewise leafing. My eyes are still suffering the bedazzled affect of the sun and a couple of apres-garden mugs of sangria. (please to be forgiving the typos due to the aforementiopned bedazzlments).
Anyways, thats the current state of affairs chez nous. Much l;andscapings and taking advantage of the AMAZING weather.


Tara said...

Wow, sounds like your garden is going to be incredible this year!!! I spent yesterday afternoon cleaning one of my flower beds, still got 3 more to go! Too bad they're predicting snow this week! (yes, you read that right - aaaaargh).

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Wow! You the woman! I started raking the back lawn. OMG... We need to build a compost, and soon, and I am in need of a veggie garden...

AliP said...

We are discussing back yard veggie gardening here too. First things first though.

Scrappytbear said...

How is it you could have tonnes of snow and miserable winter and still see spring before us? weve nothing interesting happening in Plant Land and what we had, was eaten by DEER! HAHAHAHAHHA
Happy day :)