Thursday, April 10, 2008

Quiet week

Its been very peaceful here. So peaceful that HM has returned home early from work twice and caught me napping on the couch while the kids are at school. This is what happens if I stay up in the morning after the kids go to school (PS: he only caught me twice because one morning I DID crash out on the sofa. HA)
I was out last evening with the Laval Knits group and it was my best night yet...there were four of us! Great chat with Audrey and Sandra, and Tara showed off some of her booty from the trip to Japan. Very cool.
Knitting is poking along here. I am midway through the BSJ and so far so good. I only needed the video once and that was for about 5 minutes on a part of the pattern that confused me. Other than this no knitting has taken place this week. Too much napping... and laundry doing...and dead sow bug vacuuming (I sprayed the baseboards and now they come out to die).
I have NO IDEA why I feel absolutely exhausted all the time even after coffee. So sleepy even now.
I was surprised with a proposition from HM this past week. Originally he proposed a different location but I think we have settled on a trip to SPAIN this September, sans enfants! This will all depend on whether my sister can come babysit for a week (oy...will she be up for it now that she knows what its like here??!) and I can't ask her because she is away on her own trip right now.
This also means I will be unpopular because I won't be able to travel west for my nephews wedding in August. Uh Oh...
I had my granola with yogurt this morning and it was YUMMY.
This is all my news for this week.

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Tara said...

A great time was indeed had by all! It was so great to get out, I hadn't been to a knit night in ages! :)