Thursday, May 08, 2008

Slacky McSlackerson...

...should be my name. I have been remiss with the blogging and my friend Barb called me on it today.
I have been busy...well...busy for me. Garden creation continues and I am telling you its starting to look hhhhhhawesome!! Its slow though because its been a bit rainy and also, much garden work makes my back hate me. I repeat, its truly looking very nice. When not gardening or doing laundry I have been napping, as per usual.
Knitwise, still slowly slogging on the socks. On the foot now of sock one of the Belle Maman pair. Can I just say again what a great sock this is? Love it. Knitting would go faster with less napping I am sure.
We have been having vehicular misadventures lately. 3 weeks ago I backed into a car's bumper, breaking the bottom of said bumper with my trailer hitch. A week or so ago HM got hit in the windshield with a flying rock on the highway. Friday I scraped the side of his Acura making a right hand turn around what I THOUGHT was a parked taxi at a taxi stand but seems was a non-parked taxi. Sunday HM almost ran into a vehicle while pulling out of a parking lot. Yesterday, he broke MY windshield while loading lumber into the stationwagon at RONA (I think the boards were too long maybe?). I am now afraid to leave my home.
Kidswise: Ben is still having problems with the 4 little motherfrakkers...I mean..naughty his class. I know I should not want to beat other peoples children? But seriously, I'm getting pissed. Very very pissed. Mama Bear is going to rip off your head pissed. Little f$ckers.
Cameron is fine but going through a whiney "nobody loves me my life is horrible I hate everything" phase. Its great. Fun abounds.
Yup. Life is good.

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Tara said...

Seems like car trouble abounds these days! I hope I get to compensate with new car shopping over the next couple of weeks.