Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I know you must be SO sick of my whining about sleepiness etc. You should walk away now because this post discusses it.
I have always needed alot of sleep. I can pin point when it became noticeable (grade 9) and I started napping. Since then I have been a big sleeper.
One would think that its a pretty benign thing "Oh you are just tired...sleep more/earlier/better..." but when you need to sleep about 14-16 hours out of twenty four it means things don't get done. It means your husband catches you sleeping on the couch rather than doing housework. It means your house always looks like shit because you are sleeping all the time rather than running a vacuum cleaner or loading a dishwasher. It means knitting projects are neglected, that you are too tired to walk to school with your kids, that going grocery shopping is just too much of a chore. And coffee only helps a little bit.
So yesterday I was at the pharmacy looking at vitamins and tonics. Blood work last Fall showed no abnormalities but what IS normal? Maybe I am deficient for ME but not the general populace? Who knows. All I know is that as I sit here with my coffee I am wanting to crawl back into bed or at least onto the sofa and zzzzzzz away this glorious sunny morning.
I chose a product that stated it helped with :fatigue, stress, and energy. that sounds like me! I checked with the pharmacist about it and my medication. Should be ok. It must be taken in the morning at breakfast time rather than later or it will interfere with nighttime sleep. B vitamins, Iron, and herbal extracts in glass ampoules to be mixed into juice once daily. I used the first ampoule this morning and you know that cartoon where Bugs Bunny takes some sort of potions and grimaces and makes noises and has fits? It was only a little bit like that. It coulda been the juice (Peach clementine is not high on my "like" list but we ran outta orange juice (see comment about grocery shopping)). There are 19 more ampoules and at the end of the course of "treatment" we shall see how I am doing. This will be my Spring tonic along with trying to get outside in the sunshine and fresh air more.
On a sunshine and fresh air front: My crocuses are blooming. My only regret is that I planted little ones rather than a larger variety. But they are still so pretty!!! It seems that as soon as a garden patch clears of snow there are bulbs already up! I was looking out around the magnolia and saw green sprouts...is it the chiondoxia??? Did I plant other bulbs there and don't remember? I've seen daff leaves as well as tulip as well. To me this is amazing since two weeks ago these were all still under snow and ice, like part of my yard still is. All week its meant to be sunny and warming possibly reaching 20 degrees on Friday. :oD
On a Spanish note: HM has reserved the Moorish Cottage in Gaucin for 9 nights. The villa its part of is actually right IN the town...I thought is was outside town in the countryside. Plans are advancing.


Snarsh said...

You might want to get checked for Sleep Apnea. That's what happened to me as well, I was exhausted all the time (still am really). They did all sorts of bloodwork and everything was supposedly normal. It's a little bit of a lengthy process but in the end that's what I had and now I'm being treated. I don't feel a whole lot better yet, but the treatment is all about adjustments in the beginning.

Tara said...

I know you probably know this, but lack of exercise can also promote fatigue. Buy yourself a GoKnit pouch and take a 30 minute walk every day! :)