Friday, April 04, 2008

Thursday and Friday Busy-nesses...

Actually lets back up and start with Wednesday, Knit night. The mighty V showed up with bags of swag. Oh joy free yarn! Also she is now a travelling companion as we quest to return the ring to the fires of M....wait a second..wrong quest. RHEINBECK BABY!!! Is there any more noble quest than a (wild and) wooly girls weekend? Huh? Huh? And I have word that my last seat and bedspace is filled by the lovely Ginette. If anything changes in these arrangements over the next 6 months it will be posted here.
Yesterday the boys claimed illness in the morning so I sent them back to bed and took my own advice...they woke me looking for TV priviledges etc and then at 10 or so Dana called and plans were made for the Afternoon. The boys went to school (big fakes) and Dana and I went to see a matinee showing of The Other Boleyn Girl. The costumes were stunning, the performances adequate, adherence to the novel loose but it was still an enjoyable afternoon. then we came home to find a neighborhood apartment building ablaze and its on my boys to and from school route so I was a tad panicky about where they were. Eventually both were accounted for. We came home to find that HM had gotten home, had one child unaccounted for (I had him) and was out searching. It truly was a comedy of errors.
Dana and I decided that we deserved a knit night since she wasn't going to Effiloche tonight and we went to Ariadne. I got the PERFECT yarn for the oak leaves in my Squirrel Nutkin sweater idea. Jo Sharp Silk Road Tweed in Wintergrass. This sweater is going to rock. Cestari worsted in natural light grey for the main colour, Ultra Alpaca squirrels and acorns, and Jo Sharp leaves (theres silk and cashmere in them there leaves). I hope I can make it all work. Right now I am hung up on shoulder type...set in sleeves? Raglan? Saddle shoulder? I am leaning toward set in. Thats how it keeps looking in my head I changes somewhat as I envision and plan. While I wait for the plan to gel in my head I have casted on a pair of baby sockses. I see why my mom always loved knitting baby things. They are small, cute and FAST.
OH, and Baby Cullen can expect a wee pressie in the mail next week (I hope) since I visited the postal desk today.
I digressed didn't I? At Ariadne we had a nice time visiting and fondling yarns as well as scoring some more freebie stash bustings. My girly christmas knitting stash is pretty stocked with raw materials now.... woohoo!
Today there was no school. I slept in again, the boys and I rented videos, I casted on those baby socks I mentioned and was to the post office outlet. HM was home early (for him) and we will be watching Sweeney Todd tonight... Very exciting after a week of not seeing much of one another thanks to his early meetings and after work outings with clients.

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Tara said...

Free yarn? THIS is why I have to make it to the Montreal knit nights!