Sunday, April 13, 2008

Going going...but not yet gone

The white walls of Gaucin, Spain.

I called my muy fantastico sister Jessie this morning. She had a great stay in the DR and got some colour. Relaxed in the sunshine. Feels refreshed. This is excellent. And you know why.
YES I was going to hit her up to come babysit for us AGAIN like she did last spring when we had that business conference in Hawaii. Also I reminded her of our standing arrangement for spring 2009 for another business conference...
She said YES!!!!!!! I love her so! If not for her I would never get to go anywhere! She's my go to gal and boy do we appreciate her like nobody's business. Mucho presents for her when we get back thats for sure.
Now that we have a guardian for the kids we can make travel arrangements. She insists we should go for two weeks. GASP!!! We're all "no no a week will be good..." but she remembers what happened with Hawaii and how I didn't want to come home after only a week. LOL So I told the H-man what she says and he will crunch the numbers and see if we can squeeze in some extra days. It all has to do with money and vacation days, right? Plus he has a business trip in early October.
All I can say is at this moment in time, life is very very good.

PS: we hit a mondo huge sale at Athlete's World yesterday and I got two new pair of flip flops (Uggs(suede), and Keds(canvas)). Yay! The guys all got new fancy sneakers at 50% off the last price. Hello! ASICs for 18$!!? Woohoo baby!
So see? Shoes and Spain....its ALL good.....


Suldog said...

Hope you have a great trip!

K. said...

(the the tune of "you don't make friends with salad")Spain Spain Spain Spai-ain! Spain Spain Spain Spain Spai-ain!

Lucky duck!!!!!!! Oh the sunshine...*le sigh* Yay for travelling!

Tara said...

Definitely try to squeeze in as many vacation days as you can! A week is over far too quickly.