Saturday, May 31, 2008

OH My Frakking Gods!

Facebook finally earned its keep with me. I found my old bestest friend from highschool, probably the only person I would have wanted to find from highschool actually! LOL I'm so happy.
Now I order all my family that visits our hometown to buy lots of goodies at the Canape Cafe on Front Street. Its Cathie's cafe!! I think thats so cool!
I feel a bit giddy...I have also had a lot of caffeine! Therefore I AM giddy and highly caffienated and we all know how that gets me going! Scary.
Ok...what else....
The radishes are up. The Sweet peas are planted and netting hung for them. The swing arrived and awaits assembly. I fell off the yarn diet last night and bought 5 skeins of Berroco's new Peruvia Colours in colour way # 7220. Its not on the website colour chart yet so I couldn't snag a photo. Its;op I want to make a wrap around shrug for myself with this and probably a contrasting neutral like beige or natural grey.
This will be our little secret, non?

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Tara said...

See? Facebook rocks!