Friday, May 09, 2008

Sunday I Tidied

On Sunday afternoon I tidied the stash. It was getting to messy behind the chair and I had planned on moving the stash upstairs to the hall landing and into a bureau I have there.
The 3 drawers available for stash are now full, I have a box with JUST Briggs and Little anniversary twist (a sweater's worth), and I still have a zippered blanket storage bag full of yarn. Except for the ziplock hefty bag of worsted for Cully's planned sweater with the Squirrel Nutkin theme. I finally printed off the sizing information that I needed to do my maths for a pattern. I digress....
Holy sh!t. How did this happen??? Ok...we know how this happened... But seriously. There is stuff there that I forgot I had! Its stash has reached a size that I am thinking is plenty big and I am now on a yarn diet. I will only knit from stash for the foreseeable future and will NOT add to the stash until it is reduced. At my rate thats gonna be some time.
Compared to some stashes (Barb) that are known as SABLE ( stash accumulation beyond life expectancy), this its not even a real stash...its a stashlette...a baby stash. Drop in the knitting basket. But for me, who does not want to be like my mother the pack rat, this is plenty frikkin' big. For me its scary. I have many pounds..POUNDS..of yarn. I can no longer lift my stash. Busting is called for and will be done.
I bought yarn for projects that I haven't gotten to, and bought yarn just because it was pretty or scrumptious, and bought yarn because it was on sale. The bulk of the stash is worsted weight 100% wool.
I have a lot of mitten and sock and hat knitting to do I am thinking. I'm glad I found this pattern for a scrap friendly hat and/or tea cozy.


Suldog said...

SABLE. That describes my basement storage room, no doubt.

Vicky said...

lol. a stash for me would be chocolate! I have put some new family pics on the blog if you want to see.

Tara said...

The bulk of my stash is sock yarn. I don't really buy with sweaters in mind. Of course, that could all change!