Monday, May 26, 2008

More Gardening

The grass in the back yard is MUCH healthier than that of teh front yard so its really really hard to dig up. Especially with my gimpy groin (strained something). So my darling HusbandMan built me 3 more 4x8 raised-bed frames for our "potager" (vegetable or kitchen garden). That make 4 beds altogether. The previously existing bed was filled and planted with culinary herbs. The other 3 frames are laid out so we have two rows of two. The intersecting spaces for walking will be paved with flagstonesque patio pavers and crushed gravel. Where the 4 paths come together centrally I have planted a sweet cherry tree. YAY! Cherries! This particular variety is self pollinating so colour me happy.
Today I got bagged soil, chicken manure, and compost and filled a frame. Mostly. It coulda used a couple more bags so next bed will get a couple more bags. I am also trying that MYKE growing supplement for veggie gardens for the first time. This first bed is now heavily planted with blocks of carrots, radishes, peas, bush beans, mesclun mix, and swiss chard. I am thinking I will still get another bag of soil and scatter it over top thinly.
Next bed will have the cuke(trellised) and tomato transplants and I am not sure what else. More carrots for sure.
The last bed is held in reserve for my poor over crowded strawberry plants that need moving from their current spot. That over crowded bed can then be dedicated to the raspberries that are taking it over. I have that bed planted with the strawberries but then I was gifted with a raspberry cane that I stuck in the groud in the autumn to over winter it (never got it properly planted. THEN when spring came and we were spending the summer in NS, I popped it into the end of the strawberry bed until I could make a good spot for it. It went BESERK and is now many raspberry canes and is actually escaping the bed. It will be brought to heel this summer for sure and I will also top up that bed with a sack of compost.
Sunflower sprout count: 22. Wowee!
4 oclock sprout count: 10 ? Grrr.
Morning Glory volunteers: I yank a few daily. I only NEED 3 vines for that spot.
HM also built me a planter by his new deck. I need to fill it and Plant my sweet pea seeds. They can then climb trellising and cover the side of the Rubbermaid shed. Pretty AND smell glorious. LOOOOVE sweet peas.
I found a transplant of catnip at Home Depot yesterday and bought it for Miss Kitty. She loves her some home grown 'nip and I have it in a big pot now. Still no mouse scultures though. I gotta draw the line somewhere.
Pictures when I have some.


Knit & Purl Mama said...

I planted 2 sunflowers :)

They're doing beautifully. How long does it take til they bloom? And get to be 6 ft tall?

Tara said...

OK, I hope you'll share the love this summer! I wants me some raspberries!

AliP said...

It'll cost ya T!!!!!LOL