Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day...the day after

Last years tulips but this year they look exactly the same!
Saturday evening sipping drinks on the stoop, I asked HM what his plans were for Sunday. He started blathering about working in the yard etc when I clarified "I mean, what are your plans for Mother's Day?". I am nothing if not subtle.
He laughed and said he didn't have any and besides hadn't I just bought new lip gloss and a lady bug keychain for myself for mother's day and he gave me my rain barrel last weekend? Eye brow raised archly, I stated that I put up with a lot of shit in the run of a year and is being treated like a queen for a day too much to f$cking ask?? Huh? HUH? Is it??!
Apparently it is not. :oD
I awoke to quiet. Yay! I read in bed for awhile and then heard HM return home from somewhere. Hmmm...mysterious. Then when I went downstairs I was sent back up.
After awhile my men arrived in my bedroom with coffee, cards(Ben's stated he was my slave for the day and Cameron's came with a strung beads book mark), flowers, and golf balls. Pink ones and white ones. Uh-oh.....
Down stairs waiting was my very own set of Wilson ladies clubs in the Breast Cancer theme of pink in a navy and cream with hot pink embroidery. ( Walmart $246...I spotted the flyer). Now, I am not a golfer but I had stated in a fit of delusion that I thought I should take it up this year so that we could all go golfing together as a family, with dreamy visions of sunlit meadows and butterflies and us all laughing and happy as we walk the links.. Now I am committed. They are very pretty though and I really like my pale pink Hope balls.
The gifting was followed by smoked salmon for breakfast (YUM) and lazing around reading the paper and drinking my coffee. Fortified, I hit the garden ( or jardin as we call it here). I am making great progress and if I REALLY put myself into it I could be finished today! But its hard on the back so maybe not. We also positioned out former raised bed in a new spot so it can become the herb garden foundation of the planned vegetable pathch in the back yard. I bought 21 bags of black earth, gypsum, and herbs this morning.
After I wore myself out in the garden I headed to the nursery for more plants ( I know I know...small fortune in my yard already). One of the plants I bought is the wrong one. I thought I got Meadow Rue but this is some kind of euphorbia. DOH! Good cause to go back though, non?
I came home, planted, showered, and we headed to the par 3 course as a family for a sunlit evening of 9 holes. I'm not quite as awful as I could have been and even got par on one hole (we were playing best ball anyways but I putted it into the hole when even the two experienced golfers MISSED! Yay me!) and when I drove one time, my ball was the one we played from! Yay me again! And I have never had a lesson and HM landed in the sand trap...again. HA!
You just wait. If I learn how to actually golf I will KICK HIS A$$! Yeah baby.
Then we went out to the chinese buffet for supper because I wanted dumplings.
Yup my mother's day RAWKED the party, man. I am training these guys soooo well.


Anonymous said...

You are right, your Mother's day rawked, lolol

Love ya, Wanda

Tara said...

I can't wait for the kids to be old enough to spoil me like that!!! I know, I know, you did your time...