Wednesday, March 04, 2009


I was THE laziest beotch ever. I stayed in my fleecy jammies all day. Hman got home earlier than anticipated and caught me still in my jammies so what was the point in dressing after that. Needless to say today a shower is necessary. But yesterday's laziness was lovely....
I did vacuum the basement, clean litter boxes, and toy with the idea of homemade lasagna noodles (since going to the store entailed getting dressed and going outside). Got sidetracked by a discussion about work with Hman and that meant he went to the store for me! LOL Baked a cake for dessert( and made homemade frosting for a change since the younglings snuck into the pantry cupboard and helped themselves to a sampling of the can of frosting I had in there last week. Too funny!), made lasagna for supper and worried about my poor neice in NS who is sick now for 9 weeks. I found out last night the doc says its pneumonia and has put her on antibiotics. I really hope she finds relief fast.
On today's to do list is the never ending story of laundry and vacuuming upstairs. There are scary dust bunnies chasing the cats so I guess its past time for it. Its a gorgeusly sunny morning and is supposed to warm up to minus 4C today. Tonight is knit night in NDG and since I am neither sick and its not snowing I do believe I will be going. It will be nice to get out with friends for an evening.
I cannot believe its March. Time is flying so fast even though February was the worst month of my year and seemed like it would never end. Now its March and Spring will come and all its joys and chores outside and in. I have my seed order ready for Hope Seeds ( )in New Brunswick and will get it to the post today. By the time it gets here it will be almost time to start the tomatoes.
This years seed selection is with the intention of saving my own vegetable seeds. I have chosen Quebec 5 tomatoes because of their glowing recommendation, Tante Alice cucumbers, Ida's White and 6 Week beans which are good for both snap (fresh green beans) and dried use, a snow pea that I can't remember the name of, and Merveilles de Quatre Saisons lettuce. Since our trip to a Fruiterie on Saturday while grocery shopping I am wondering if I shouldn't tuck a zucchini plant in somewhere for baby zucchinis. SO GOOD!
I need to get new strawberry plants for the not yet ready(and snow covered!) raised bed I have for them because I think the old ones are done. I am so glad that the gardens can continue being improved upon. Last year was the expensive year what with all the mulch and compost we had trucked in but this year will be much less for my part (I need more mulch and compost but not AS much as last year). For plants I don't need to invest like I did last year eaither. I do however need to tweak my non-existant design/plan. Some plants are not good where they are and some just need to go. I can't wait to see what survived the winter. Please let my Honey Perfume rose be alive.
Doesn't it fill you with hope, when spring is around the corner? The planning, the continuity, the realization that no matter what happens in the lives of mankind life still goes on..? It does for me.


Brian said...

BTW, I meant to mention that healthy living in Vancouver means paying $6 for a litre of organic milk and $3 for a loaf of bread. When I was in NS this summer I almost fainted when I saw how cheap groceries were there. Maybe that's why everyone is skinny here, they can't afford to eat.

puffthemagicrabbit said...

Hope your niece is now getting better quickly.

So thrilled with spring coming. Its just been one of those years.

Tara said...

I am in DIRE need of a jammies day, no question. I've been changing into my fleece jammies once the kids are in bed, but it's just not the same, you know? Can't wait for gardening to begin either!