Saturday, March 07, 2009

Friday night

Went out to Effiloche for a knit night with my friend Audrey. It was really busy! There were two new people who seemed quite nice as well as us old faithfuls. Its such a great crowd there each week because though not all of us attend every time, we are mostly familiar enough with one another to have conversations about almost everything. We have musician, journalists, office workers, and students. Stay at home moms, self employed, retirees,.......suffice to say nearly every walk of life is covered and discussed in two languages with much laughter and sympathising and a mutual love of yarny goodness. I displayed my mother's sweater sleeve and my dislike of the increases, learned a new-to-me method, ripped and re-knit for the evening. Its much much tidier now thanks to Audrey and her excellent knitting skillz. I managed to come home yarnless this week but holy shit it was HARD. Much much delicious new yarny goodness coming into stock and selling before it even makes it to the shelves. The Louet Mooi is "oh my gods" to die for ( a luxurious bison, cashmere, and silk fiber blend)in its subtle sheen and colours. Boucle seems to be making a comeback too. ;oD
After I came home and drove the babysitter back to her place, I was still too wide awake for bed so I flipped through channels andwatched a little of this and that until I came to the Movie channel and the movie "Young People Fucking" had started. This movie was released with ALOT of controversy and most theaters it showed in had to display the name as YPF. Its sounds like a porno I know but its not. Yes its fairly explicit sexually (like many films) but it was also a study of sex and relationships and in some scenes it was hilariously funny. There are 4 or 5 couples/arrangements, and I missed how each of the encounters are commenced, but it was entertaining to see how each relationship is effected by the events. We have two work colleagues having a roll in the hay(the office man whore and another conquest...or is it? I love Callum Blue.), a long term relationship trying to spice things up (funny and touching, Josh Dean(?) was brilliant), best friends since childhood decide to scratch each others itch (funny, awkward, and eventually sweet), a couple convince a roomate to help them with a sexual issue (FUNNY and wierd), a split up couple getting back together for a lay (kind of sad because they both want to be back together I thought). It was uncomfortable in some scenes and also some "I totally know where that person is coming from" in others. I think that someone watching this film would see them selves at least once in a situation or a character. Two Thumbs Up.
I also rented a movie yesterday afternoon now that I think back that far (its so haaaaaarrrrd). "How To Lose Friends And Alienate People". I "heart" Simon Peg. I didn't hate Kirsten Dunst as much as I usually do but I don't really think she was best for the roll. Jeff Bridges was a little creepy and mean but also kind of poignant as the aging editor who has compromised his integrity to get ahead. I laughed out loud at spots and Simon did his usual spot-on nut-job character portrayal. How does he do these so well? He takes a loathesome obnoxious character and makes you like him?? The man is magic. I have such a thing for him. Shhh don't tell Hman...heh heh.
Himself is off for the weekend, leaving me here with the squabblers. It all began at 7:30 or so this morning when I really wanted to sleep in. Between the kids and Newman's "fetch" demands my morning snooze fest was more of a snooze fast. Now that I am UP everyone is behaving and/or ignoring me. WTF? :oD


Anonymous said...

Same principal as they only want you when you're on the phone.

Tara said...

I'll keep an eye out for that flick. I admit, when I first read the title, I was like "Ooh! Alison!". lol