Friday, March 20, 2009

Kids still sick

Cammie has no fever and is trying to eat. For a kid that NEVER STOPS EATING , his reluctance to eat is a sure sign he's still not welly in the belly. Today he ate and its a sign he's on the mend for reals but still lethargic and after eating was kind of groany.
Ben is still warm to the touch and lethargic, sticking mostly to fluids and has no appetite. The kid has a crap appetite anyways but he's only had a spoonful of requested mac and cheese and a slice of toast in two days. Right now he's whining about the slice of toast we'd like him to nibble. Ooooh...he just asked for grapes! Yay.
In other blather;

The death of Natascha Richardson has depressed me. I have no idea why. Its not like I knew the lady for crying out loud. We have decided to start using helmets when we ski (kids already have them, fyi)because such a minor accident should not have such severe repercussions. Also, I am the faller. I don't think Hman has fallen on skis since he was a kid but you never know what may come to pass and though I expected some macho, expert skiier resistance from him when I mentioned/passed down the new law that we should have helmets too, he was all for it. Lets hope we remember in time for next years season.
I had a dream about the Neeson/Richardsons and woke up sad. See? Strangely affected. I think its because there is so much chaos in our life right now with Hman's worklife and the kids sick etc etc. Jeez I was even reading some crappy John Ringo alien invasion novel and was saddened by the idea of humanity fighting for their very existance and then started wondering what I should prepare...then I remembered that we are NOT FACING EXTINCTION AT THE HANDS OF CARNIVOROUS ALIENS, SHITHEAD!!
See?? Sick kids at home for 3 days can make an otherwise normalish woman lose her frikkin' mind.
I really feel the need to shop and feel normal again.


Terri-Lynn said...

Glad the kids are feeling a bit better, as for the aliens- time for a tin foil hat! LOL

Anonymous said...

Helmets are a good thing. I think you need to get out. You need new yarn fumes.

Glad the kids are mending.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Hey Sunshine, I hope you find your mind real frikkin' soon because I don't wanna have to worry about you! Yarn fumes...yeah, just what the doctor ordered.

Ali P said...

I love the sparkle that comes from tinfoil futuristic and shiny!
Its now Monday and the boyses are WELL and healed.