Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The news

UGH!! I had a big newsy post all full of "All Is Well!" kinds of news and it got eaten by the innernetses!!! Dang it!
Ok...in a nutshell then. Meeting not too bad. Still have job still have income. Good. Job will change and cuts are coming that will make the job still less of a funfest..not so good.

Budgetting for this househiold will continue to tighten because it just makes good sense to get a grip on our debt load and spending habits...This is GOOD. Except when I want to go to a bookstore or yarn shop, although in my own defense I have not used household money on yarn for sometime. I found 3 bulk purchase stores within a 30 minute drive from my house which can come in handy for some purchasing power (pillow sized bag of oregano anyone? No I did NOT buy a big bag of oregano). Things like flour, rice, and pasta are cheaper bought in big stinkin' bags, especially if its is something the family uses a lot of, like we do.

Can anyone devise a way for my kids to like and eat brown rice? Please? They just hate it and I have tried everything I can think of. Its better for them but they like white/parboiled nutritional wasteland type rice. NO I did not buy a big bag of brown rice. Just white "boulangerie" flour and a bulk buy of baking yeast to store in the freezer and refill my fridge bottle of yeast. I have slackened on the baking and am picking it back up to fill the Snack monsters that live here. Now I am out of Whole Wheat flour . GRR.

I recieved the wool for mom's sweater sleeves last week and they are on the needles and coming along just fine. Yay!

I accidentally came home with the last 3 skeins of grey Cestari 2 ply sock wool on Saturday. I can't help myself. I had store credit and it was screaming to be used and it was the last 3 skeins of light beautiful rustic looking grey. So soft and smooshy.

Ok...that is all. Be well my darlings and consider yourselves well and truly hugged and appreciated.


Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

I thought you were getting a magazine with your store credit. I can't be blamed for your yarn hoarding tendencies, dahrling!

Ali P said...

Uuuum...well...I did get the new Debbie Bliss too but just didn't mention it. It was also on store credit.

Brian said...

Al, anything whole wheat is disgusting. Whole wheat pasta - YECH! Brown rice - BARF! Even if your kids eat that crap they'll still sneak out and grab a cheeseburger at McDonalds. But edamame beans - now there's a delicious, healthy snack.

puffthemagicrabbit said...

Yay- so glad it wasn't earthshattering.

(no help on the brown rice front- and I really can't say much considering I tried to pass green m&m's off when my mother complained I wasn't eating my greens...)

Tara said...

Nope, no help with the brown rice sitch. But I'm with you on the baking your own bread. Wish I had the guts to try it! Should I be looking at one of them fancy breadmakers?