Saturday, February 28, 2009

What day is this???

The kids have been on their winter break vacation and until this minute I have been thinking its Sunday. Duh. I blame Newman. He woke us at 4 AM with insistant meowing and walking on the head, wanting someone to play. There were no takers. The sleep after this was fraught with full body twitches, making kissy noises at the dog in my sleep( I was dreaming about trying to get Blossom's attention "Here girl..kissykissynoise" and woke myself up with the kissy kissy noise), and biting my own tongue (dreaming about chewing gum)HARD and waking up with a curse word or 3.
Then Newman started up again at 8 am. Then I gave up. The worrying started again and my stomach is hurting some.

Yesterday Hman got the message that his immediate superior was flying in this week to meet with him. It sounds out of the prdinary and thus has an ominous ring to it. Whether its a lay off or job change with pay reduction is unknown at this point. Its the uncertainty thats stomach acid inducing to me. I like to have a clear path, or at least as clear as possible. Too many unknowns in our stability make my stomach hurt.

It must be affecting Blossom too because she is a farting machine the last two days.. UGH! P.U! I think I will change her food...the stuff I buy now is way too expensive for our budget these day anyway, not to mention makes her fart worse than a bulldog,and has done nothing for her skin and emissions in a positive way. Time to try something new/cheaper. Go back to grocery store food? No. But a better than grocery store food diet is better than none at all. The cats will stay as they are because I do see improvement for them over cheaper brands in their out puts and skin and coats.

Does anyone have a homemade bread recipe thats good for slicing and toasting? Apparently mine sucks for toasting because it crumbles too much. I think just changing the flour or adding some gluten would help but I thought I'd put the call out for a better recipe just incase. Bread at the stores here doesn't tend to go for less than 2.50 a loaf for whole wheat and we used to pay about a buck or so at the bakery outlet shops back home. I thought I start baking again if I can get the loaves to be toast worthy.


puffthemagicrabbit said...

If it helps, my "sweet" little kitty is a farting machine- ugh.

Sending you lots of peace- hopefully you can calm down until you know for sure what is going on.

Joanne said...

Good luck--I hope the supervisor visit is a lot of praise or a big raise!

In the meanwhile, thanks for your kind note on my blog about my book. I'm pretty excited!

Tara said...

Crossing my fingers that the meeting went well! :)