Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Knitting, baking, blah blah

The Snowdrift mitten and I are not getting along . Progress has halted and been ripped out. I will choose a new pattern to work on that has fewer stitches between use of the yarns. Snowdrift required dealing with long spaces of single colour and I don't like it. My gauge went all to shit and I tired of untangling my yarns so much.
I created a yummy muffin yesterday. The only measurements I can give are 3 oranges and 3 eggs because I didn't have to measure that. Other ingredients include quick oats soaked in orange juice, dried cranberries, crushed sliced almonds, flour, salt, sugar, baking powder, oil,and vanilla. The oranges are chopped in the food processor whole and make for a nice orange muffin experience.
Child One had pushed every button I have last night and this morning and I think it is a testement to my love for my children that I haven't shipped him off to boarding school or something. It may be a pull the covers over my head and cry day.


puffthemagicrabbit said...

Muffin sounds yummy.

My child one is quite an accomplished button pusher. My sympathies. Drink more wine.

Melanie said...

Sorry to hear you and the mittens aren't getting along! Have you ever seen this method of doing fair isle?

This is how I learnt and I like stitch number 3 (I think...) where the other one is weaved in at the back so there are no loops and a color can be carried a long distance with no makes for a very neat looking back as well!

Just a suggestion :) I am obviously no expert by any stretch of the imagination :)

Granny's Girls said...

Ah children, bless their pointed little heads. As a survivor of 4 campaigns (now 37,36,32,29) I have to say just hang in there. They do grow up. They do leave home. (and come back, but then they go again)
I NEED that muffin receipe. Sounds divine.
Knitting is supposed to be enjoyable. If you don't like the pattern chuck it and move on.
You'll be OK
:from one who has been there:

Tara said...

I loooove orangey muffins.