Thursday, February 12, 2009

25 random things tag

!:I hate being tagged for these things.

@: I have much trivia in my brain but never what a person needs at the time.

#: Have an annoying habit of bursting into song, changing words to suit the setting/situation.

$: I think teachers should be required rock a 98% average in SPELLING before they are allowed to teach our children. Oh yes I did say that.

%: I know I am using symbols instead of numbers..your point is?

^: I love my children but sometimes I don't like them so much (like when they scream and yell and fight..). I'm pretty sure they feel the same way (like when I say no to candy for breakfast....)

&: I am one of the most annoying people I know.

*: My husband adores me for some strange reason and it appears to be getting worse. I am slightly nervous that this means he has a girlfriend somewhere...HA! As IF!!!

(: I cry very easily at movies etc but in my personal life I find it difficult to cry SO when I cry about a sad movie, I can't seem to stop and become very sad for a while. its like a dam letting loose and its all gotta come out before the dam goes back up. The dam named Paxil.

): I wish I was thin but I keep eating.

!): My mental picture of my self is much prettier than the reality... the gut and double chin are much smaller....

!!: I like it when someone tells me I am pretty but I don't believe them...still like it though.

!@: I have a long list of pet peeves: people who need drama; people who talk about their old relationships ALL THE TIME even when they have a new one; people who allow others to fill their lives with drama that THEY then have to natter on and on about instead of ditching the problem causing person "becaaaauuussse..."; people who are cold and unfriendly but don't have the balls to tell you why (aka passive aggressives); passive aggressive people and their whining; whining; people who give you their whole life's story (especially the stuff you REALLY don't want to know) when you barely know them, and then you can't get what they told you outta your head so you avoid them; potholes and what they do to my suspension; haters; cry babies; old people who think the world owes them somethin' ,cuz they are still alive sucking the CPP dry, even if they are assholes; my mother, but I still love her; people that blame THEIR failings on other..failure to take responsibility for their own their shit. I think this covers most of the peeves...

!#: I have a friendly relationship with alcohol. We were MUCH closer at one time but now its only a passing acquaintance and sometimes I am sad we've lost touch. We do occassionally have lovely spontaneous reunions though.

!$: My mum says that when I was a child my freshly washed, dried, and brushed hair shone like a bright new penny.

!%: This is the same woman that told me at 16 that I had no ankles. I HAD NO IDEA UNTIL SHE SAID IT!

!^: This is also the same woman that said that she thinks the way my hair grows makes it look like a wig. Why do I love this woman?

!&: I think I am physically incapable of NOT having a smart ass remark. Even if I don't say one, I usually have it in my head and it hurts to keep the snickers inside.

!*: I like cats ALOT. Not so much their litter boxes.

!(: My dog farts way too much. Speaking of which....Jebus, Blossom!!!

@): I have a BA in English Lit with a very shitty grade point average.

@!: I would like to get into voice acting for cartoons etc. I have a couple good ones. It would satisfy my Theatrical tendencies (see bursting into song, smart ass remarks..) left over from drama club in high school that were never pursued after wards due to low self esteem. OR Musical theater!! OH YEAH BABY!!

@@: I am very into ecological and environmentally friendly living but could do much much better. My family sometimes calls me a hippie and I am ok with that. I have the Birkenstocks to prove it now...

@#: I take on too many projects and get few done but this is getting better. I am trying harder to put the brakes on before getting over whelmed.

@$: I wish I had a cleaning lady but would be embarrassed for her to see how messy/grubby my house can get in just 3 short days.

@%: I have a very unreliable memory even for important things. I could remember an appointment up until a couple hours before hand, and then completely forget about it until reminded. If i were my dentist's office, I'd drop me as a patient for all the missed appointments and reschedulings. And its not as if i have other more important things like a job or anything. I just simply have a very slippery mind. I forget medications, treatments, appointments, what my husband tells me about his schedule, what my kids tell me about their schedules, to buy a new calendar to write these scheduling things on to, doesn't matter cuz I forget to check the calendar, I make lists and then forget to look at them OR lose them completely,....see what I mean? I AM just a ditzy as people think I am, but not stupid. There is a difference.


puffthemagicrabbit said...

love. that. list.

Tara said...

I will never tag you again. But I loved your list. I can SO see you belting out show tunes, girl!