Sunday, February 01, 2009

Discussion and rambling.....

I am given over to thoughts and plans for 2009. What I would like to accomplish or have accomplished by someone else in my wee corner of the 'verse. Yes, it is time once again to ponder on the home and garden plans for the coming year.
First off is the VETO: there will NOT be a hot tub installed in the back yard and for that I am grateful. While hot water and outdoors is extremely pleasant, the reality of the hydro bills and up keep at minus 30 Celcius are nasty. We had a taste of hot tubbin' at Xmas and it was nice but not so addictive that we MUST have one. So there is one item OFF the list.
Another VETO was the jackhammering away of the cement pad in the back yard that was the foundation/floor of the gazebo. The frame is still there bolted to the cement, but the canvas rotted and ripped and is no more. Someone promises that the frame will be gone in the early Spring as soon as out door work starts. I have said it must be because if I have to go try MY hands at it it will cost much more to fix what I wreck in the process. But the cement must stay and Someone has plans to disguise its uglines and perhaps install a garden fountain. Agreement was made on the frame situation and we moved on down our mutual lists.
Back yard Renovations will continue in 2009. Last Spring saw the mini deck and swing by the pool and the joy they brought (and the knitting and napping that took place on the swing) and this year will bring the larger "living area" deck nearer the house, to have comfy out door furnishing (or just the table, umbrella, and chairs) and the BBQ. This will be immediately adjacent the Kitchen Garden and its lovelies.
The Kitchen Garden needs revamping, refilling, refinishing and the composter needs to be re-installed much more solidly than last time. The herb bed was neglected sadly. Why do I grow them but not use them as much as I should, reaching forgetfully for the jars of dried herbs, forgetting to preserve the bounty of herbs for winter use. All that flavour, life, and money wasted. Will do better this year and harvest more and preserve more. This I do vow. Cilantro will ne'er bolt needlessly and uselessly under my watch again.
The Raspberry plot needs pruning BIG TIME. There are big pieces in there that are useless and the whole thing maya as well be sheareed back to increase productivity and keep things within bounds. Also, a lot of mulch needs to be laid down to control the weed growth around the bed, making accessiblity a bone of contention.
The front yard: Oy Vay, the front garden needs a fine tuning. More mulch and compost needs to be trucked in and dispersed, the weeding kept up with, and pruning/deadheading needs to be done more regularly. Plants need shuffling and some need to go bubye. I wish I had an expert in garden design to help with plant selection and placement to make the jungle more of what I envisioned, more thecottage garden of my dreams that complements the house. Also, someone has determined that he hates hollyhocks and they must go.....maybe I will move them out back. New trellises need building or purchasing for the front door clematises. More Spring bulbs need to be planted in the Fall, Tulips and Daffs especially becaus ethe new gardens beds have none. My Morden Ruby roses need severe cutting back and I think Elle tea rose, in all her beauty, needs to be moved so that she is better appreciated. And maybe more of her should be added to the gardens because the blooms are exquisite and dependable.
The half dead Cedar that I moved to the other side of the drive way has got to go. It is so fugly is sad. A new tree should be added there, something not too tall. Redbud has been dismissed as not hardy here, so what should I put? Locust? Crab Apple? Another Sumac? Need that imaginary landscape designer friend again.
OR should I dig out a border along the edge of the drive, back fill with compost and plant annuals every year? Or plant with dayliliies? Holy pile of work.....
In the home, Cammie's room shall be painted and his crap window treatments replaced with Roman Blinds. This can be done before the outdoor works commence. 2010 has been deemed either Kitchen Year or Bathroom year...not sure which. All three roooms are nasty but who shall be reconstructed? That is a decision for later days.
And the plus to the back yard reno is that we shall start actually inviting people over to partake of the space and liquid refreshments. Hman has such a social job that he doesn't want to instigate such happeneings, which i misunderstood as not wanting to partake of. there fore it was determined that If I instigate social happening he's will enjoy and help out with them, not hide in the basement. A breakthrough! Communication is a good thing when such misunderstandings are cleared up and new enthusiasm for life brought out! Yay!
This summer, certain people should watch their inboxes for invites to them and their family units. Summer Life will be sweet.


puffthemagicrabbit said...

Ooooh- can I come live with you in the summer???? Sounds like heaven. I promise the goats won't eat...much.

Tara said...

Bring on the Spring and Summer, baby!