Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy incident

I have been searching online for the yarn to continue my mother's sweater and have not been meeting with any success. For almost 3 weeks the search has gone and I said I'd give it a month and then find a way to continue it somehow.
Good luck struck today when a person on Ravelry told me online that she'd seen the brand and colour on sale at an online yarn store (Ram Wools of Winnipeg). I emailed to find out the dye lot and oh my stars and little oysters, its the PERFECT match. Same dye lot as I have. Not only that but its on wicked good sale ($4.99 each!!) I am so relieved. I wanted to make this sweater as perfect as possible and running out of the main colour is NOT very nice. Any solution bandied about would work, but in my head it made the sweater look like I'd run out of my main colour, not a design feature.
THANK YOU ALIBEE AND RAM WOOLS!!! I am so relieved I could cry.


Joanne said...

What good luck! Hurray for the internet!

I am just salivating over your blog comment about the shish taouk. It's torture living far away from any kind of Middle Eastern restaurant, I'm telling you!

Anonymous said...

That calls for a happy dance!

Tara said...

Ram Wools is awesome, and they have sales on a regular basis. Hmmm, maybe they're really evil?

Glad you found what you need to finish your mother's sweater, sweetie.