Wednesday, November 12, 2008

No witty title ideas today

My brain has no wittiness this morning. I'm sorry. :oD
Yesterday I worked from 10 til 7:30 which meant I didn't get home for supper until after 8 pm so this also means that there was nightime eating. I will not feel guilty because I was super good all day.
Today I will endeavor to drag my tired bones out on a walk. Being on ones feet for the majority of 9 hours is hard on the hips and legs with this weight. I am wondering whether to take Blossom or not after Monday's scare. I seriously thought she was strokin' out on us! I have been dosing her with 100 mgs of ibuprofen at bed time as well as a glucosamine+ chondroiton supplement. She has the G+C in her seniors dog food but some more can't hurt. The ibuprofen at night is REALLY helping though. She is sleeping much better (less pacing and shifting abrubtly due to sudden pains(we think)). I slept on the sofa part of the night and I swear she barely moved and this morning she was so frisky trotting around and NO stairs trouble!!! Yay Blossom!! Maybe a 40 minute walk would be pushing it? She really likes it though and its good for both of us.

Dad's Thrummed Mittens: I am on mitten number two though #1 is still thumbless. I like to do the thumbs after the pair is made.

I have to set aside the xmas knits though because the shop needs sample swatches for several yarns. Great work if you can get it. Baby Suri alpaca and silk anyone? Laceweight 50/50 merino and tussah? Noro? Manos Del Uruguay? Rowan? Misti? hee hee I will squeeze as much in as I can between laundry etc. My house has exploded into grossness once again. How does this happen?? I mopped on would NEVER know that floor had been mopped this month let alone this week. The ousides of my windows are dingy as can be and I really want them cleaned before snow sets in. Trouble is, I can't reach them!!! Oh well.

My weekend Saturday shifts may be starting on the 22nd for the Christmas yarn rush. Yes, there is such a thing.

Fun Stuff: The house we are renting for Xmas vacation has a hot tub. What does it say about me that when I hear "hot tub" I like to do a James Brown scream and ask if will "make me sweateh" and "rub a dub in da hot tub"? Thank you Eddie Murphy from the depths of my soul for this enduring image (20 years??). For a few short days I get to host my own Celebrity Hot Tub Party.


Anonymous said...

Who needs a witty title with that great picture??

Any way you could take her for half-walks?

Suldog said...

Good Golly, Miss Molly, where'd you get that picture? ROFLMAO.

Tara said...

Hey there, workin' lady! I'm slowly catching up on my blog-reading. Will I see you at Knit Night next week? Miss you! xox