Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Monday and the joy of Pigs

Its is the morning and I have had my first cup. So. Good. Today. Isn't it funny how some days you can be all "meh" about your morning joe and other days its "oh sweetly bitter nectar of the Gods revive me now I love you so". Maybe its just me.

I don't know why but lately I have been pining for the country. As in rural life not pining for MY country even though we are governed by an android.

Yes I have missed living on the land but more so lately. Don't get me wrong...the 'burbs are grand for those that love them but I don't so much and feel like I am just putting in time until I am back in the dirt fo' reals.

I already know that I will have a pig. Debating the breed of the sow ( Probably Hampshire or Berkshire) but she will not be for the freezer as other pigs have been. She will be for producing pigs for the freezer but she will stay as a not quite pet. Pigs are awesome. Yeah their poops stink but so do ours! They are excellent animals for helping with some chores like clearing land or turning a manure pile or just taking a break and scratching behind someone's ears for a bit. They are always up for that. I enjoyed our pigs when we had them (except the mean ones that time) and felt sad when having them prepared for the freezer. Fascinating animals, pigs.

Let's see.... what else? Hman is not feeling well and as we speak is on the sofa dozing when usually he is rumbling around getting ready to go to work. The side of his left foot is in very little feeling and a bit pins and needlesy. Odd. Can one have carpal tunnel of the foot?

Tomorrow is Remembrance Day. Hug a veteran.


Suldog said...

I have great respect for pigs. I love the taste, of course. I often say a prayer to thank the pig, and I hope that helps.

Terri-Lynn said...

When you get that hankerin you can remember the frozen water buckets and hands, slipping and falling in the mess when your in a hurry to get the chores done because you need to bring the kids somewhere, not being able to vacation because of said critters,... but then again we do it for some strange reason...

AliP said...

Oh yeeaaaahhhhh. Forgot about THAT! LOL
I remember the wipe out on the ice with a chicken water bucket at 6 AM, before getting ready for work. That one sent me over the edge.
Next time we do it there will already be a barn and it will have electricity AND water. We've discussed it. ;oP