Sunday, November 23, 2008

Meet Newman

For awhile now, something has been missing in my life. Something cuddly...soft..feline..

I have been without a fur baby. Monkey has been gone for over a year and that void has just not filled in at all. Miss Kitty and Flash are great cats, don't get me wrong. they are very furry and demanding but NEVER actually cuddly. They will lay on you or beside you but heaven help ya if you try to snuggle.

I met Marie Michele's maine Coon cats this past week and that episode, coupled with Jessie's getting her own fur baby of the Canine variety 3 weeks ago, set me to pining for my own hunka hunka furry love.

Now, being a family with bills and kids etc etc etc made the idea of a pure bred pet just silly and extravagant but after talking with Audrey and Teri Lynn about Rag Dolls I looked them up and lost my shit. These are the lovin'est cats there are and not teeny feather weights either. I started showing pictures and video to the Hman and he humoured me but told me to get real. This is where the plot thickens.

Yesterday that man contacted a Rag Doll breeder in the Eastern Townships wondering if she had any particularly coloured/marked ones available (blue lynx markings) with which he could shock and awe his beloved with come Xmas. Her reply, mistakenly sent to my email address where I then SAW it was in the affirmative. That was it for the surprise. Today we went to JoyMagic Ragdolls ( ) and met our 4 plus month old fur baby and all his relatives.

Meet Newman. He's named after the late Paul Newman of the electric blue sexy eyes. He comes home to us on Friday. I'm!!!!!!


puffthemagicrabbit said...

Yay!!!! He's beautiful- can't wait to see more and more pictures. And wow, Hman is a keeper!

Karine said...

Why helloo [pregnant pause] Newman.

K. said...

hahahahhaha Karine was faster than me, all I can think is "Hello...Newman!" He looks like such a cuddle monster toooO!!!!!!!!!!

smelb5 said...

I am considering purchasing a kitten from her.... you would reccomend her as a breeder and are happy with your kitten?