Sunday, July 08, 2007

Distance blogging from unfamiliar puter...oh the insanity!
well the camping is not going as well as planned thanks to rain. Almost daily showers and or thunder showers or just plain ass rain. Plus mosquitoes. Plus 5 AM turf wars between the squirrels and the crows. I think the squireels won. Its like a sylvan Westside Story rumble scene. I lasted a week and am now at my sister's place. NO SKEETERS!!!!! wooohoowooohoo
Adventures to date: fireworks in New Glasgow, Museum of Industry visit on Tuesday, Arisaig fossil hunting with my mom in tow Thursday and yes fossils WERE found which is super cool AND no rain that day!!!, Friday was the victorian lavender festival in River John at Beach Lane farm ( and wool shopping at Lismore Sheep Farm ( with Nanny again in tow, yesterday a rainy thundery day and the Pictou Lobster carnival parade.
I am hoping to visit the south shore this week and the boys want a trip to the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History. Thank Gods Jessie is here to offer warmth, dryness, and msoquito free lodging!!!LOL
Send sunny tyhoughts our way PLEASE. There is more rain in the forecast but gosh summer has to hit sometime right? RIGHT???


Suldog said...

To each his or her own, but I've never seen the delight in camping. It took my ancestors thousands of years to come down out of the trees and stop painting themselves blue, so why would I want to go back?

Scrappytbear said...

Right. SUmmer any moment.

AliP said...

I like Blue...maybe that a good idea. i will paint myself blue like the frigging SKY that is hidden by fog and rain clouds...heeehheeehaahaaahhheee....(insane gibbering giggling while I chew my hair and rock in the corner)

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

don't ya know summer won't arrive until september or october, maybe?
good thing i didn't put any major efforts into the garden this year