Monday, July 12, 2010

Holy Frak its July!

I have become so remiss in posting its pathetic. I blame Facebook and Twitter. And the fact that I am so boring and have very little to write about.

HEATWAVE!! Last week we had a heat wave. It was nasty but I was able to refrain from killing anyone in my house. Much jumping into the pool. THANK all deities that we have a pool!!!! In NS, I could handle heat by going to the shore . Here in the land of lakes and rivers, there's no icy cold ocean to cool off in so I am grateful as hell for a pool. Even if it is heating up at an alarming rate.

KNITTING: I keep messing up the buttonholes of the Kria sweater and I am too hot to settle in and fight it right now. Instead I have started some baby things for a baby I know is due in October or November. Then yesterday I came across a charity knitting plea on Ravelry for orphans and Gypsy children and mothers in Romania. There are some very small socks and mittens needed and I may volunteer some handknits. Small and fast. After a sweater I need quick gratification, even if the bugger isn't finished yet. SOON! It's only 7 rows, armpit weaving, and washing/blocking from being finished! But i keep screwing up the damn holes.

OTHER CRAFTS: I have a serious problem with this now. For years I have admired handmade pincusions in all their adorable forms and now I am gathering the materials to start making some. Why? Because they keep calling to me!!! Sew us! Stuff us!! Make us!!!! What am I supposed to do with them then???? I only have so many sewing friends that would appreciate the time and energy and cuteness of a pincusion. I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

Then there's the quilting: now at a standstill because my machine is in the shop for a tune up. I managed to find fabric to finish the blue and yellow log cabin quilt top on Friday, oh happy day. I also have enough fabric to get a good start on the pink quilt scheduled for after the yellow /blue. Meanwhile I embroider and work on baby knits and avoid my housework.

As usual!! lol


Tara said...

You're right, Alison, it's TOTALLY because you're boring... ;)

Why not open your own Etsy shop or something? I've no idea what the cost is for something like that, but you never know, right?

I too am feeling the craft urges lately. Must resist.

Suldog said...

Down here (Massachusetts) it's been alternating between HOT and pissing down rain in such quantities that our basement becomes flooded immediately. Wonderful summer, thus far - NOT.

Caro and Salem said...

I was going to also suggest you give Etsy a try (I keep misspelling it - Esty - can you tell I'm Qu├ębecoise).
I might jump on the Etsy bandwagon too some day - poor Salem is going to freak with all the arts and crafts I do.

grammy perkins said...

What is Esty???