Monday, June 28, 2010

End times????

What a freaking few days it has been! First off, the other day we had an earth quake. Today, funnel cloud over the West Island. Also last week a tornado touched down in Ontario, same day as earthquake I think. WTF! There is a reason I do not live south of the border...ok...many reasons...and two of them are earthquakes and tornados. You all need to keep that shit down there where its expected.

Between crazy weather, earth quivers, and oily oceans I am really starting to wonder if that friggin' Mayan calendar was right. Maybe I should just hide under my bed until things settle down and its January 2013...except its nasty under there and its way too humid to even think of making the effort.

Speaking of efforts, my quilt is at a stand still until I buy fabric and get my machine tuned up AGAIN. Today's crazy mini hurricane blew down my bean trellis so I have to put it back together tomorrow and secure it somehow. I steeked my Kria sweater project and because of my effed up sewing machine, the machine stitching broke and let go in places and I had to do a crochet reinforcement that looks like total ASS and I am not sure some of the loose ends won't let go along the steek line. My formerly soothing p[ractice of embroidery has turned on me because for some reason the cosmic forces will NOT allow me to create a frikkin' French Knot no matter how hard I try and re-read the instructions. You'd think i was trying build a rocket or something, but those damn knots just will not knot!!! ARGH!

And its not even July It may prove to be one pippin sansy of a summer!!

PS: does anyone know how to keep spammy commenters at bay?


Caro and Salem said...

Oh Alison! I'm sorry your projects are misbehaving! Asses!!! But I totally understand your frustration - the wedding crafts had me in spontaneous breakdowns at the drop of a hat and now I want nothing but to get back to my crafts (where I can just work on anything I darn well please without any pressure or deadlines).

As for the Mayan calendar, the whole 2012 thing is really just about the changing of an era or a major shift, not necessarily about the end of the world. I must say I am quite annoyed with Hollywood for pushing this whole "apocalypse" agenda surrounding the calendar. I find it best not to worry about the actual date itself and just go on with my daily life, enjoying my current existence. Humans have feared the end of the world since our very beginning and it has yet to come along - it could be a while...

Take care!

Tara said...

I'm sorry, I can't help but laugh that you get spammed 3 times after asking about spammy commenters... *Snort!* Please don't hide under the bed, sweetie. We'd miss you.