Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Where did the time go???

This is NOT my picture of KRIA but one from the internet and is almost identical to the pattern book's version of what I am currently working on, and is here for reference to what I say about it and the changes I am making in my version.
Wowsers! Its been forever and now that I am here I only have a few minutes.

The trip to NS did take place and was pretty ok. Of course most of our outdoor plans got washed away in rain and wind, so no beach walking or things of that nature. I DID finally get to visit with my friend Terri-Lynn and her family. It was a major highlight of the trip, actually. Its been such a long time since we saw one another face to face! I have to say that for us, the spark was still there. You know how you lose touch and then don't have anything in common anymore? NOT SO HERE! It was pretty much non stop blah blah blah and laughter and fun the whole time for us grown ups. The boys came out of their shells pretty late into the visit, right before we were to leave. I am so in love with T and T's house! Spacious and open and BRIGHT. Love it to pieces and can see myself in something just like it. I love my own house for sure but this place was really cozy, comfy, well lit from lots and lots of windows. Very very nice.

We also got to spend time with our friends Barb and Mike and their family over a nice lunch and some shopping. I have been able to hook up with Barb on most visits home but I still miss her lots and lots so this was an especially nice time. One of these days I will get to see their new home as well! Its only been two years they've been in it!

While we were in NS my dad took a turn for the worse and has been in the hospital ever since undergoing tests and minor treatments for dehydration and infection while they try to figure out whats going on with him. First the idea was Hepatic Encephalopathy, but his mental state has not improved since the duct blockage between his gall bladder and liver was cleared. So, its not that. New theories are a brain fever, a thyroid issue, or variant Creutzveldt-Jakob disease. He was meant to have an EEG (?) early this week so maybe we will know more soon.

They day we left for NS I got a very nice phone call offering me a 7 day work contract with a nice pay cheque. Today is my last day of the contract. It was mentioned yesterday that they may want me to come back for another 3 day contract next week, but that its still uncertain. I should know tomorrow sometime. This has led me to think that I might be able to have a home based business doing what I have been doing for the last 7 work days....writing text content for an English language website. My friend who hired me thinks there is plenty of work out there for someone writing for companies that can't afford to have an in-house person and so contract out the work. The Hman and I are turning the idea over in our collective brains and if I have to work next week, then I will definitely be in the market for a new to me lap top to work from instead of the family computer thats slowing down so desperately and needs upgrading. A lap top means I can take my work with me! I was using company computers for this contract and let me just Anglo writing English on FRENCH computers is very inefficient, prone to typos and mistakes thanks to the wonky French keyboard and programming.....And possibly in tears of frustration.

KNITTING! Well, the Olympic Mittens did not infact cross the finish line. Mitten one did get switched to Magic Loop technique and did go smoother, but just did not get finished. My second Nutkin sock has been on hold until last night because I couldn't remember how I turned the 1st one's heel. No said heel is turned and the gusset stitches ready for pick up! YAY! In the days of it's hiatus I casted on and have made great progress in a sweater for a little girl of my sister's acquaintence and I am loving the simple stockinette in teh round. The pattern I'm using is Kria, pattern #8 from the Lopi 28 pattern book by Istex. The yarn however is NOT Lett-Lopi, but Briggs and Little's Tuffy in 3 colours: Rosewood, ecru, and oatmeal. The main colour is the rosewood...a heathered rose colour...and the colour work patterning is subtle with the ecru and oatmeal. It makes for a less bold effect that the black and white called for in the patterns charts. The steek is marked by two purl stitches up the front of the sweater and I think thst pretty brilliant. I'm adding length to both the body and the sleeves because I want the sweater to last longer than one season, and at its bigger gauge than that in the pattern, it should be about a size 5. I'm also planning to add a hood. Its gonna be haaaaaawseooomme!!!!
Ok...gotta get ready for work. See ya!


Suldog said...

Sorry to hear about your Dad. Best of luck, and I'll say a prayer as soon as this posts.

Anonymous said...

Oh- hope things get much better with your dad- will keep your parents in my thoughts.

Colors sound great for Kria- looking forward to seeing it develop.

Is it Rhinebeck yet?

Tara said...

Catching up my mah blogs, and today's YOUR TURN, BABY!!! I didn't cross the finish line on 2 out of my 3 Ravelympics projects, so don't feel bad :P