Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Our Spring of Renewal?

It would appear that our winter of discontent has passed,here at Chez Nous. I'm pretty sure my nerves of spaghetti couldn't take much more drama and the like. Things have settled down regarding my parents and things are lookin' good where Hman is concerned.

So good. It brings me so much joy to see him smiling again. He's embracing his new project with so much enthusiasm, its almost like he's been reborn from the ashes. He's been so strong that to have had him brought so low was very difficult to watch, for me and also for those who know and love him. Now, he's full of ideas and plans and optimism and its WONDERFUL.

I think the boys see a difference too. I see a lightness to them as well these days. They are relieved the dark cloud has passed on and that we have decided not to move house. This is a good thing.

Maybe its just the Spring talkin' here. The sun is shining, the lilacs are in full fragrant bloom, flowers abound in the neighborhood. It all conspires to have one feel that life is grand and embraceable again. The old adage that "This Too Must Pass" is true I guess. The sadness and worry of the past 6 months has lifted and exposed our faces to the lightness of Being again.

DAMN, it feels good!!! :oD

To all of our friends and family who listened and sympathised and commiserated and just plain oved us through it all, I want to say that I am extremely grateful for your positive vibes. All of you, even if you don't realise I mean YOU! Yeah, YOU! ;op


Sandra said...

Good for you Ali...
Usually good people gets good vibes and good things. Happy that some kind of normal is coming back ! Cheers and Happy Spring !

Anonymous said...


Terri-Lynn said...

Well of course those of us who are here are sad you are not moving, we are glad you are all feeling more content. Spring does seem to make everything better : )

Suldog said...

That's the way life works - bad times are followed by good, sooner or later. Patience is what one needs to get to them. Glad to see you've begun climbing out the other end of the tunnel :-)

Tara said...

There's the happy Alison I've come to know and love!!!! Yayness!