Thursday, May 28, 2009

Blogger messin' Wit Me Head

But thats not hard to do these days. bad case of foggy brain today.
ALSO: cause of life-stipation seems to be PMS. I checked the calendar. I should be un-stipated in a week or two. Until then be prepared for posts from the high of highs and low of lows.
Also I still don't know what I want to BE when I grow up and I am 41. How sad is that? This + PMS= midlife angst.
The weather is still darkish and rainy-ish until Saturday the forecast says. Our pool seems to have a leak because the water level keeps dropping by a few inches from where it should be. No idea where the leak is or how to fix but can't do anything about it for at least a week because Hman is going on a business trip, starting Saturday.
There are 14.5 school days left in the current term. Then its all "I'm bored! I want a snack etc.." all the time. There is not enough Paxil in the world for this. Remember when we were kids and we would leave in the AM to play with friends outside and only return for meals an drinks? Mine won't leave the house most days. There is a park near by and they are old enough now to cross the big bad busy street (oh my nerves) and play with friends that are not right next door. I think the whole "no you may not leave the yard without permission or an adult" has never really worn off. WTF? When we were kids were were craving freedom from being under adult its the opposite. This sucks. I became a grown up FOR THIS??
Earplugs. The answer may be earplugs. If I can't hear their screechy little voices like nails on a chalkboard, everything may just be tickety boo.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I don't know how

I am thinking and feeling things and I don't know how to put them into action. Its like I am life-stipated.
All is well don't get me wrong. The economy is likely soon starting to kick our ass. Economising has not helped as much as we would like. Yet, all is well in our home. So its not some deep doom and gloom posting here. I'm just feeling rutty. A form of my own revenue generation would make me happy.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


These are photos that have been languishing in the camera for a month(some of them anyways). Two pictures are from Aunty Jessie's visit, the day we hit the Bio-Dome in Montreal. On the Metro and in a Metro station. The other pictures aren't so good (I need a camera that you just point it and shoot). The picture of myself and the 'man are from Monday's sojourn to the Botanical Gardens, and the sweater photo is a process shot...what it looked like as I was finishing the yoke, still armpitless and un-steeked. The colours show up really well though so here it is.
My ass hurts. Not exactly ass...left hip and lower back and radiating down through the leg. that pretty much ass though, right? Valerie of the magical chiropractor skillz worked on it yesterday (yes...I did whimper more than a grown woman should) and I think I need to ice it today because I stil hurt (to touch the knotted area she worked on is very uncomfortable so noone touch me there ok?). I also may need massage for this one. My dentist's office has massge for patients...can you dig that? FREE for patients! If you have a Dent- Spa in your neck of the woods, you must try them. Its like one stop and orthodontia (did I mention Ben requires braces now? Oy.) I think there is tanning and also, the massage. Which my back really really wants. And my leg. I don't think I will ask to have my ass cheek massaged because they may think I'm pervy not pained. I am so calling today. Should book an appointment to get those last fillings replaced too. Been working up the courage for that for 2 years now. Last one (right side) was so owwie it too 8 weeks for it to stop hurting. I really should get on that. SIGH.....
Today is effin' GORGEOUS!!! The air smells all springtimey fresh and nice and the forecast is for sun and some heat (28 degrees!). You know what that means riiighht? Thats right! Laundry!!! Also, tomato planting. Thats right. I am getting down with my bad self and plantin' me some 'maters ( "Quebec 5" Tomatoes that are soing splendidly). They are fully hardenmed off now after a few days and nights outside.
I will also order soil and mulch today too. Hman keeps telling me to do it and I keep putting it off due to the expense but if these vegetable beds are going to get planted and produce some food for us, I need lots of dirt first. Hope they can deliver ASAP.
Let's see....what else....
That about covers all our news exceptforthedogranawayandisgoneforever

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Click to enlarge.

My Mom's sweater is officially finished as of tonight. Its in the washer on the hand wash cycle as we speak.!!!!

I will mail it out as soon as its blocked and dry. She's gonna love it.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Today, in Canada, its a holiday. Here in Quebec its "Patriot's Day" but everywhere else its Victoria Day.
So, since Hman didn't have to go to work and the kids were home from school, we went to the Botanical Gardens and the Insectarium. It was a perfect day. Not hot, sunny, breezy. Perfect. My feet are very tired.
On the way home I was struck with a craving for rice noodles in soup. Of course there are no noodle shops out here so we stopped at the grocery store so I could get what I need to concoct my own version of what I was craving.
In a pot I heated oil to sautee chopped garlic and a grated knob of ginger...mmmmmm ginger.
Then I threw in these soup vegetable that were pre chopped in the store. The container had broccoli, cauliflower, celery, onion, carrot...terrific assortment in tiny piecces. I threw half the container into the pot with the sauteeing garlic and ginger. A few splashes of soy sauce. Stirring and sauteeing...
Then came the chicken broth (Campbell's low sodium, 1/2 container) and some pepper, and a sliced up leftover barbequed pork chop. More stirring and bring it to a boil. Splash of lemon juice because I have no lemongrass.
Once it comes to a boil add the rice vermicelli noodles (I used 1/3 of my package) and put a lid on it reducing the heat to medium or less. I let it simmer 5 minutes or a bit less. Give it all a stir. The vegetables should still have some crunch.
Have a BIG bowl on hand and pour the "soup" into it and then garnish/season with chopped chives, garlic chives, and lemon balm.
Its not a truly Asian dish, as you can see but it was sufficiently gingery and tangy for me and was easy. Hit the spot in a most satisfying way. I hadn't eaten most of the day and was super hungry so this made one huge portion for a big appetite. To serve more than one big eater, double the recipe. It'd be really good with some mushrooms added, or some chopped greens like chard or bok choy, and for a veg version, use vegetable broth and firm tofu instead of meat and chicken broth.

After supper I went out onto the swing seat and finished the left button band of Mom's sweater. I need to pick up the stitches for the right hand side band next, and decide exactly how many button holes it needs. I was thinking 5.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday morning

I woke filled with rage. In my dreaming Hman was carrying on with someone in cyberspace on that "Second Life" website and the avatar he was carrying on with was super hot. There was some major scrapping both in cyber space and out here in the real world, let me tell you. I was a whip cracking wife of rage. Woke up with the anger and a "wait a minute..." thought. LOL Crazy.
Last night at knit night (Effiloche on Friday nights) I sewed down one side of my steek. I made two pwoplw try the sweater on in the hopes that their mediumness was similar to my mom's size. Now I am worrrying that the sweater may be too small. Eek. So help me if it is I may cry. I am so close to completion. Bought the buttons for it and need to calculate how many to put.
Janet gave me a lovely gift and in it was my new favourite lipstick! L'Oreal Juicy Colour (?). Its very sheer to the point of lip gloss rather than lipstick, and it smells like fruit! Colour : Island Punch. Love it.
My new favourite show "Castle" was renewed for a second season. YAY!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Its Friday!!!

And its also payday so I will be buying me some dirt for the gardens today. And ordering a yard of mulch like last year. And possibly a yard or two of compost. We shall see.
I have to rave again about my Mother's Day gifts of frying pans. Earth Chef ceramic coated non stick pans. I am so in love but they only get used for special things like Cameron's morning eggs (they slide outta the pan I tells ya!!) and when I made pancakes. Oh man. It was heaven for someone who is trying to be a good momma but is nowhere near being a morning person and her kids are clamoring for pancakes before school. UGH! Imagine all that AND having the bastardy things stick to the pan and make a frakking mess and burn etc. No more now that I have my ginormous Earth Chef pan that I have declared off limits to all other hands but mine own. ben put his request in today for pancakes tomorrow and that I make a huge batch so that there are some in the freezer for school days. I may do so.
Did anyone chck out Bones and Grey's Anatomy season finales this week? They sucked IMHO. I knew Izzy and George were leaving but didn't see how they could do it so I was surprised that John Doe was George even though he somehow knew Meredith (maybe her dad?? maybe an intern?). The last scene where Izzy is in her prom gown in the elevator and George meets her in his Army uniform was kinda sweet but open ended...are they both killed off or not? Did the shows producers relent and keep Katherine Heigl even though she's been a bitch about the show? Hard to say. Strangely thougfh I routinely cry at something on Grey's Anatomy I had no tears or sadness with this episode. It left me flat.
The Bones finale turned out to be a dream that post op Booth had and now that Brennan may acknowledge her feelings for Booth he doesn't recognise her thanks to his brain surgery. (rolling eyes many brain tumours are there in prime time TV this season now??). All that boring dream scenario and then "Who are you?" at the end. Grr. Let down.
I swear if ABC doesn't keep Castle on the roster I may have to give up TV, not that that is a bad thing but really...
My computer is acting all pain in the assy since last week. we had a virus scare and have been running extra security stuffs but all that does is slow down and confuse my poor machine. I am losing patience. when I am bored I surf and my boredom has grown expedentially in relation to my lesser surf capabilities thanks to slow confused freezy computer. Grr...
Garden talk: I repotted my mint but am thinking I need to unpot it and divide it instead because at its current state it will be potbound again by the end of the season. Or maybe I will just get a new mint plant because I don't remember if this is spearmint or peppermint. I really need to start labelling things. I used what bags of soil I had to top up the herb bed but it only did about 1/3 of said bed. I dug out my struggling chives and replanted them as well as the sprouting calendula seedlings from last years dropped seeds. I keep meaning to gather the blossoms to make calendula ointment but then get distracted or lazy or I plain old forget. Since when I grow culinary herbs I fail to harvest them or preserve them, maybe the bed should become medicinal herbs instead. Or not...maybe I should just plant the whole thing in garlic.
The peas are getting taller! Last year I had maybe 3 pea plants. Out of two boxes of seeds. It was bizarre and terrible. This year looks awesome for snow peas.
Tomatoes are going gangbusters in their pots and should either be repotted deeper or soon planted outside. They are getting nice and big. The peppers are small. I have 6 plants and they are piddly. Really needed to start them sooner.
I am considering forgetting about my pole beans this year. They were for dry use and the beans are very large lima style ones and I don't think we will like them. Just bush beans this year I guess but that means I have room for more tomatoes for freezing and preserving. Thats a good thing...I hope.
So as it stands I am still on the "hurry up and wait" cusp of gardening wherein I am waiting for the season to be far enough along to proceed with more planting and haven't finished the beds. it will all come together in a big rush and flurry as usual.
Don't you love Spring?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It makes perfect sense.....

Franklin Habit's observation's on the Star Trek movie show a whole 'nother dimension and dynamic to the whole good vs evil, Federation vs Romulans plot at the heart of the film and Star Trek in general. Loved it.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Knitted out

I was saying to my niece today how I have lost my knit mojo...that my mom's sweater may have killed my knit lust. All that old lady pink and all. I've lost my desire to fondle yarn and make pretty knit stuffs. Then I thought maybe I was just tired of knitting for others and big stuff...tired of socks and mittens and sweaters. maybe I should knit some baby cutenesses...but what to do with them since I have no babies and there are few I know of. Plus my stash is not composed of baby acrylics in pastels. i have some pretty serious yarns to play with that a Muggle might machine wash and dry and destroy what could have been an heirloom knit! gasp! Perish the thought.
Then I considered how I would like to have something knit to wear to Rhinebeck in October. Like my not started Einstein coat (Sally Melville design)that I have the yarn for and have had for 6 months. My unfinished shrug from Sweet Paprika that I wish someone would finish for me would be welcome as well. I actually did cast on Einstein this afternoon, knit one row and then wondered if it will be too long for my short round personage and stopped all work.
Maybe its the time of year. I didn't knit much last spring because of the gardens. I think I have a case of garden fever again. There is much to do yet I can't do it yet until I have more dirt which I need to order...and mulch..again. Lots of hurry up and wait and then it will get crazy for awhile with the planting etc and then all will calm again until I am over run with cucumbers and lettuce again and swear I will never do THAT again. Which we all know I will.
Don't ya just hate getting stuck in a rut?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Its been a rather nice Mother's Day this year. I was allowed to sleep in but cleaned up cat puke immediately upon rising. After some coffee I was informed that I had to get dreesed so that we could go out. While Cameron was at his art class we hit an unfamiliar Pepiniere in La Plaine. There we perused the offering and selected two more blue berry bushes to go with the two we have now. Next year may see us have blueberries!! They had some lovely fruit trees which made Hman wish for more room for fruit trees in our tard...or is there room? So we are looking at the back yard now with an eye to whether we could squeeze in two or 3 more fruit trees, like a couple of plum trees? Hard to say at the moment.
After returning home I was given two more gifts. Earth Chef nonstick frying pans, one very large and one very small. Yay!!! I had asked for exactly that! They are ceramic non-stick, which is healthier than teflon and its residues.
I am told that I will be given a lovely supper and the surprise has been let out (as usual) by Cameron. Apparently there is lobster involved but I will act surprised for Hman and Ben.
Its a chilly day though. The temperature has dropped to around 10 degrees and its cloudy with a threat of rain. Mansfield Park is on the tube to give me a dose of Austen.

Yup...all in all a pretty great Mother's day.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Sadness.... I has it

My sister should be just about ready to board her plane back to NS right this second. I was able to hold it together until the car turned the corner then I got misty. She'd been here a weeek and while thats a nice length of visit, its hard to let her go.
Of course instead of showing her a really kick ass time on her last day I ended up having MY ass kicked but a cold/flu virus that a certain second born son has passed on to me. He was home sick from school yesterday since his mucus level had reached critical mass and he was nauseous, and I ended up spending the morning and part of the afternoon in bed waiting for the cold meds and Cold F/X to kick in. They eventually did but I was still woozy and breaking into cold sweats for all my 'lets go and have some fun!!" attitude. What DID transpire was she and I curling up on the sofa reading and then she went to get Ben afterschool and they went shopping, returning home for supper. Ben was thrilled at the one on one time with his godmother beloved aunty and I passed out on the sofa while part of supper was baking in the oven, not needing supervision.

After supper we went to find some little gifts for her to take home ( Canadiens themed stuffs) and then got home in time to curl up on the sofa to watch Bones (OOOH! Baby talk and Boothe has a TUMOUR!!!) and Greys AnatomY (Lame but I cried anyway)and then it was more meds and back to bed for me.

So here we are on a Friday with the kids home on an inservice day, its kinda threatening rain, and I am still not very spry. I think I will stay home from knit night tonight.
Oh...Mom's sweater had to be ripped back a little bit and the neck redone. A few more rows and its bind off time and then its the steeking. I am so close to being finished I can taste it. If I actually sat down and did it I could finish it this weekend!! But chances are I won't.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Monday's Doin's

Yesterday we took Aunty Don't (Jessie) to the Montreal Biodome. It was fun but tiring. Oh my hips and feet! Its really such a cool place though. You can learn so much about the world in this ONE building. Its really really fascinating. i got a couple of great pictures of our city adventure.
Today we are looking at staying home and puttering. I need to deal with litter boxes and laundry and we plan to go get our Blueberry bushes today too. Maybe get them planted before night fall as well? We shall see.
The wind we have had the last few days has finally died down and today is really nice and warm but not HOT. Maybe it will be later but the forecast is only for 19 degrees.
So there we have today's doings...maybe I will get a chance to start the neck of Mom's sweater too. I think I have decided what I will do...2 and 2 ribbing for the neck like the cuffs and Garter stitch for the button bands.

Jessie brought her Colinette socks back to me (at my orders) because the heels wore out. I have ripped back one sock to the leg and am going to reknit the feet...the toes will be done in another Colinette colourway. there is a lot of yarn in a pair of socks and Colinette is not the cheapest sock yarn out there. This time I will try to reinforce the heels better. :o) I hope to finish THESE before we go back to NS is July for vacation.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Still home

We could have gone BUT to change our return date would cost a "pushed a button fee" of a thousand dollars. Thanks American Airlines. For nuthin'...!

He played 36 holes of golf today in an attempt to regain some Zen. It was seriously disturbed when one of the clients that still went to Puerto Rico called and said it was "even better than Hawaii. So a dream its so awesome..blah blah blah..." Here, let me hold that knife for you and hand you the salt to shake into my REALLY! Let me.

Of course he is playing golf again tomorrow. Just needs to hit things I guess.

On the plus side my wonderful sister arrived yestyerday and we have been chatting almost non stop. Its so nice to have her here. she is slipping under the spell of The Newnienoo and Blossom has latched on to her like a misdirected duckling after the wrong mama. Its awesome.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Hard thinkings and head scratchings Chez Nous

The flights are non refundable to the company. The villa rental is non-refundable unless we cancelled 60 days before the reservation date and thats money out of Hman's expense account. His extra special clients still need some ego rubbing and company love but the money to treat them to fun etc is now gone from the expense account thanks to H1N1 fear.
So, after brooding and scratching heads all day yesterday and last night and this morning, we thought "Well, maybe just go and take advantage of the villa (its paid for) and the air fare (its paid for) and just there will be no conference to deal with"...
So as it stand right now its possible that we can still go on a business trip but not for the time originally planned and no staying at a fancy resort for a few days in the middle (like I care) to play nice with the company.
If Hman can get the villa's reservation of 3 days before and 3 days after the conference put together into 6 consecutive days, then we can be there for 6 days...if not then only 3 days. This is contingent on the clients plans (some are still going since the air fare is non refundable), company policy, and can we change our return flights to accomadate the change in plans.
I have cleared it with my sister who was now coming for a visit rather than to be responsible for the monsters...she is all but shoving me out the door and onto a plane at her end.
I will know this afternoon.

Best part? WAY less packing! MWAHAHA..couple of outfits that I can launder and my new pretty bathingsuit. No company functions to attend and pretend to be nice at, just being on a trip with Hman's top clients (and they are becoming his friends in many ways as well because they see him almost as much as I do...hahahaha). No "corporate wife" show to put on. This could work.

The waiting is the hardest part....