Friday, March 31, 2006

Lets Get Physical

Got my Curves workout in this afternoon which makes 3 this week equaling one Curves dollar toward a tshirt I like. Only 39 to go!!LOL Oh well, at least I got my work out in and man did I get sweaty..yick! Got a new pair of capri workout pants at Zellers for $7.50. Big ol clearance on last seasons sport clothes. I got a pair of extra large pants last pay and they are way too big but it was too late to take them back once I'd ripped the tags off. Since when is an extra large pant too BIG for me???? Must be a 2X or something and mislabelled .
Also on the physical note: finally got to a doctor to have my Paxil 'scrip renewed. What a pain in the arse. Thankfully instead of dickin' around with only 6 refills she wrote it for a year. Excellent.
Still no family doc or pediatrician but I have a number for a Ped now so thats a bonus.
I want to go out for supper. I so do not want to cook anything. Sick of housework and cooking for this pack...grrrrrrrrrr. If Richard would even over for the night I'd be happy. Also, I want to so see Captain Tightpants (Nathan Fillion) in his new movie Slither. A slug based horror flick and you know whats REALLY wierd is that its eerily similar to a nightmare I had one time of giant slug things coming out of a lake and chasing people down and invading their bodies etc. Besides that, It sounds like a hoot. We will be taking the kids to see Ice Age :The Meltdown tomorrow for sure. I'd rather go tonight...I'm just in the mood to get out. I've got cabin fever I guess even though I've not been trapped indoors.
Bush Beef tomato seeds have sprouted as of today. Still waiting on the Big Beef and my hollyhocks. All other baby plants are doing fine. Sent away for another tomato variety called Superfantastic, from Terra Edibles. Also Sugar Snap peas (edible pods but fatter than snopeas, and a morning glory called Grandpa Ott's that I've always admired.
I haven't done that much today...why am I so tired?

Friday yappin's

The Junos are in Halifax this year and it looks so cool. The footage from back home is making me homesick! siiiiggghhhh life is good. Spring has sprung, the grass is riz, I wonder where the daisies is!? My brother rattles that off every spring. He always makes me laugh..or pisses me off..depends what he's blathering about. If y'all find me short of patience you ain't seen nothin' til you've met my big bro. Oy!! he could make a saint smack him. But I loves my eldest brudder I really does!!!! Even if he can out garden me. Bastard.
Back to gardening....I posted looking for interest in forming or joining a collective or community garden and it morphed into the MPRC sponsoring a $55 workshop. O-kaaaaaay. So far, Ellie seems interested in a garden and Marina says she'd love a group to learn from and share with. This is more what I was aiming/looking for. I'm not sure the workshop would teach me something I don't already know about gardening since I have been an organic gardener for many of my 38 years, some of it urban, some of it rural. I've read stacks of books and articles on the subject and even considered going for a Master Gardener program but time, money and location made it undoable at the time. My gardens take up a chunk of spring and summer paychecks buying compost, plants, plant foods, tools blah blah blah..There is always something a gardener will part with money for. Its like an addiction only instead of crack, its dirt. And in stead of high you get sore muscles and boo-boos. I've already been out front yanking left over weeds and grass from the beds and hunting for new shoots. Man, I have a pile of poppy seedlings out there!!!!!!!! The parent plant is an orangey color and it was a parting gift from my Marla's oldest child. It really took off! Ooooh the dirt felt and smelled soooo gooood. I already have been asking Richard his opinion on ideas I have: "Do you like that cedar tree there? I thinks a flowering vine in its place would be better what do you think??" which really just translates into "Gimme the OK to buy a vine and yank out that danged ugly tree for me". 'I think a climbing rose would look fabulous there " translates to: "Gimme money for another rose bush!" BUT we both agree that we want to line the driveway with a border and I didn't even have to suggest it!! HA! I asked for rocks for Mother's Day and our anniversary. He never goes out and gets me rocks! Or manure/compost. I ask.... he scoffs. I need rocks to raise and edge flower beds. I don't care for those bricky things. I like real rocks.
I developed a thing for roses in the last 18 months. I have no idea why. i never gave them a whole lot of my attention before beyond enjoying them in other places, not my own yard. But I am consumed with making my suburban oasis into an island of beauty and fragrance in suburbia. I love flowers that SMELL> its amazing how many flowers either stink or don't smell at all..even roses! Wierd. Even my veggie gardens require must feed the Spirit as well as the body. Plus flowers will attrect beneficial and pollinating insects to keep the natural balance in your garden. I must be boring the Universe with this....
My Springtime obsession...........Maybe Scarlet's right and I am irrational. eek.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I went through the house with my Out With The Old incense today...actually just the main floor but you know what I mean. Anyhoo, I was trying to chase out the negative energies and encourage the energy cleansing to go with my housework. Then I vacced, cleared up kitchen, have been switching laundry loads and folding laundry as I go and wiped down the downstairs bathroom. The kids are home eating their lunch and chattering like bluejays talking Pokemon and stuff back and forth as the scarf back mac and cheese(Ben) and Alphaghetti(Cameron) with vanilla milk chasers.. Ooops here they come..must be done.
Vanilla milk is this years attempt at getting more dairy into Cameron. He loves yogurt but doesn't eat enough to meet his calcium needs. He used to LOVE milk and then at 3 stopped. Nope didn't like it anymore won't drink it no no no. He did drink it at daycare but said our milk wasn't the same so no no no no. grrrrrrr. Now I lure him with vanilla milk..a glass of milk with a dash of vanilla and something to sweeten it a little whether it be Splenda or sugar. He loves it. He hates chocolate and so hot cocoa is a no go with him on cold days but hot vanilla is fabulous. This began as vanilla steamers at our coffee shop in NS. Now I just nuke the milk until warm. Ben loves them too. You can get vanilla milk in stores next to the chocolate milk but its cheaper to make your own and you know exactly whats gone into it.
We'll head back to school in about 15 minutes. My friend Ricki has lost 2 sizes this winter. How awesome is that???! I am impressed and inspired. She and her 13 or 14 yr old daughter Isabelle (our usual babysitter) exercise together each day. When I joined Curves they gave me two trial cards to give away. I asked Ricki if she and Isabelle might like to give it a try. they might have fun and it could break up their routine and add a spark of excitement to it. She said yes and so I will drop those and 2 baby tomato plants off after lunch. She is really nice.
Anyhoo, whilst vacuuming I clogged the hose AGAIN. So thats on tap for this afternoon I guess. After the grocery run. Which is after Curves.
Busy busy busy..What is it with me and Tuesdays?
Oh and I emailed Dracoe about getting a meet together.

"Spring!" From the Bambi soundtrack

So, its another Tuesday and what a luverly one it is . "Its a lovely tell yer muther kind o'day!" as my big sister Jessie would warble. Hereditary thing this warbling and bursting into song... Nathalie got a dose of it yesterday at Melange. eeep. The birds are really twittering and I saw my first flocks of geese on the weekend. Saw robins and redwinged blackbirds all calling out for mates...the music and fresh energies of Spring
Today I must..MUST!!! get on top of this chore called laundry. Really! I mean it. One wish I have is that my clothesline would run free of the @#$% gazebo frame in the back yard. Its a great long clothesline but when you put stuff on it the clothes run into the frame. Useless and tres annoying I must say because I do love hanging clothes out. Then again the redwing blackbirds etc are back in town and they like our yard (poopoopoopoop) so maybe its a good idea to use the dryer.
Also, my battle with the sowbugs continues. They keep creeping out no matter how much I vacuum and wash the floors and along baseboards and cabinets. I may have to find a less friendly way to thwart their interests. I dislike the "wakening of the cooties" part of spring. Back in NS our house(remember..old old drafty and non airtight farmhouse) would suddenly have many more spiders than usual. One year I had to let off a spiderbomb in the basement and vacate the premises for the day. Don't rage at me for being ungreen because when you clean the bejeepers outta your home and your toddler still ends up with spider bites in the morning cuz one of the multi legged @#$% dropped into his bed, you'd do the same I am sure. After the bomb wiped out the community it was more reasonable in subsequent seasons.
So..laundry, vacuuming, tidy kitchen of dishes and crmbs so Madame Sophie doesn't think we are pigs (she's the french tutor) and the bathrooms should be done too. They will be toothpaste spattered again by bedtime but its the thought that counts. And this is my big grudge against do it..are happy and tired and tidy..20 minutes later ya gotta do it again!! What kind of incentive is that to do a good job...or do it at all?????? Piss me off. And I'm not allowed to have a cleaning person until I can pay for it myself. @#$%^&&~*
Richard has misplaced his cellphone...or down right LOST it. His whole life is on that sucker (Palm Pilot) meaning it is his lifeblood at work. He checks his email, deals with clients on the run, you name it. He was frantic when he got home last night and in an uberpissy mood. I am not deriding is important. I hope he manages to find it.
OH and I should do a grocery run. Fruit for the boys (mostly Cameron the Bottomless Pit), salad fixings and meat. I gotta get my ass back on track...but sugar and carbs make me happy...cutting them is rough for a few days while the carb craving crankies work themselves out. Betwixt eating habits and exercise I want to get down another 5 pounds by June. 10 by vacation time would be wicked good. But i gotta be realistic too...2 years to lose 35 pounds means I don't know that I'll lose 10 by July. I must go to Curves today and NOT EAT bread..or sugar. Must do my 3 times a that there is no skiing on Saturdays I will try and go then too! I will succeed!! Time to produce a mantra or mission statement or something to imbue my lazy ass with purpose and power. And study my hated fat picture from september..the one that made me cry and hide in bed for two days. The one that makes me think I look like a circus freak because my head looks too small for my body...and I don't have a small head so thats sayin' something. Health is more important than cravings and sugar feeds cancer cells and is a poison..gotta remember that. sigh.
BUT ITS SPRING tralalaspringtralala spring tralalaspring tralala Lets sing a song about spring!
Feelin all twitterpated.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Theme song from Firefly.....

Happy happy joy joy!!! After my time at the MPRC today and also after lunch with Nathalie, I took myself down St Catherines to the bookstore in Faubourg. I was looking for the book 63 Ways to reduce Stress and the novel based on Serenity that a certain evil temptress (that we will name Crimson) showed me at her house. I came up empty and proceeded to head back up the street toward my car. I decided to try the used bookstore in between and the name of which is escaping me but they have comics. Anyways, came up empty there too but I asked the guy there about the Serenity comics.
As a result, I have on order the comic anthology (can you call 3 comics an anthology??). I am so excited!!!!! sigh... The guy was shocked and dismayed at my complete lack of interest in Buffy and fascination is not with all things Joss but more all things Jayne...and Mal..and well the whole danged crew I guess. :oD But each in a different way.
Can't wait until I get the call to come and get my l'il treasure. Now....where to hide it....

Sunday, March 26, 2006


I am thinking that in the subject line I will name a theme song for my day. A song that captures my mood or experience. Granted I am no musicologist but I will attempt this as often as Friday at Scarlet's place it might have been "Cinderelly Cinderelly" from the original Disney film (JUST KIDDING!!!). On my way energetic day it may have been "I feel Good" by Michael Buble. Today is to early to tell so far. Only one cuppa coffee so far.
I do believe I have mentioned occassionally my torrid passion for the Dollarama? well, after a long hiatus Ben and I went so he could spend some of his money after we had hi CTire for tomato seeds and potting soil and peat pots. Also, they recieved little certificates after their final ski class so I wanted 2 cheapo frames so the guys could hang their achievement in their roooms. Things that grab me in Dollarama: sketchbooks and pads, journals,pens, artist brushes, craft supplies, plant pots etc... actually I am never quite sure what will grab my fancy but those are the areas I can be found in. I got cute l'il dragonfly relief terracotta (but spongepainted) hangable half pots. One side is flat so it can be hung against a vertical surface. As soon as I saw that I went "kitchen!!!" . Pretty sure I used the inside the head voice and not the out loud voice .... Anyhoo, after spraying some spray varathane inside them to seal the inner surface from seepage one is now planted and hung. It contains a baby from my favorite spiderplant and should be able to hold it for 2 years by my guesstimation, since spidies like being somewhat pot bound nd it has no roots as yet. I will keep it watered and moist until we have active growth and then it will get regular plant treatment. I am pleased with my purchase nd while I could have found something bigger elsewhere, its not overwhelming and I can take it down for watering with ease. The mate will be planted with some ivy as soon as I get some. Ivy and I have a love hate relationship. I really like it, especially the variegated kind, and I can usually keep it alive for awhile but then something happens and it kicks the bucket. Very sad.
I was inspired to house clean yestetrday..actually i was highly caffienated and thats usually what happens. But then we had to take the boys for their final ski class and the moment was lost. I am trying to recapture that zest for fresh'n'clean but my chaotic cabinets are not jeering at me so far. Benoit is enlisted to help and is quite excited about being the vacuum wielder and doing some scrubbing. He needs to knock off some homework pages of cursive writing first though and he is resisting that with his heart and soul.
Tomorrow is MPRC day. Jeez, i hope someone comes in. That shift has become mega dull and I only have so much libraran task tolerance.
Minor rant for myself: i am peeved at myself for buying peat pots. I finally located my enviro-potter and could have made the smallest seedling pots myself from newspaper as I have in previous years but just couldn't find the danged thing. I will make a couple more copies of the orginal in Soup Can size and long narrow tomato sauce can size. Big honkin' coffee can size is not so very useful..too wide unless potting clumps of something to give away. Tomato plants need long and narrow as they get taller and taller so I can plant them deep to their top leaves and create that amazing effective root zone by deep planting. A project for later I guess. Couple of weeks or so when the current seedlings get tall.
Boy i wish I could find a community garden to have a plot or two in. I just do not have the space I need for a truly useful veggie garden. Or even plots to share with a group. I know folk that love gardening as much as I and to share the chores AND the bounty would be really a great exercise in fellowship, stewardship of the Earth, organic produce production, recaimation of vacant urban land, and just plain playin' in the dirt. Hmmmmmmmm........idea of a pagan community garden is whirling dreamily in my little brain. The hows (red tape, regulations etc)and whyfores are the details I am never good at but the concept(original ideas and planning) and implementation(building and just plain doin' it) are my strong suits. I know there are people who would appreciate an opportunity to raise some of their own food for fresh eating and preserves. By sharing the work and bounty we can cover each other because hardly anyone has enough time to tend a full sized garden. Many hands make light work and all that jazz. I wonder how a project such as this could be undertaken? Back home I spoka delanguage better..I find dealing with some of the strange to me rules and regulations and Frenchness of my new home daunting. I would have just made contact with whatever municipal office was necessary and run with I am intimidated. poop.


I love watching you
As your mind works out
The mysteries of this world
Your face is transparent as you ponder
Trying to put into words
Your whirling thoughts
A seven year olds epiphanies
Peeves, Inventions
Games and stories
An old man with a baby voice
A devil with the face of an angel
A sense of hilarity before you could speak
Contradictions and contrasts
Surprises in a package of boy
Never a moment is dull.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Proceed with caution: RANT

I am peeved. I am incensed!!!! What would so unbalance my equilibrium and sunny nature? CELEBRITY DO GOODERS! They are pissin' me off.
Paul McCartney: I wish someone would take his wife's fake leg and beat them both about the heads with it. Piss off about the seal hunt and mind your damn business! Better yet, use your money time and influence to act upon a cause that actually betters lives of your fellow humans rather than threaten livlihoods of fishermen and Inuit, the fish stocks and the seals themselves. Too many seals means starving seals..thats not pretty either, you stupid celebrity ASSES.
And Brigitte Bardot...don't even get me started on her. You silly old raisin woman, go help poor helpless orphans or something. You caused enough trouble for the Canadian Inuit in the seventies...did you know that STUPID?? People whose only source of income from their traditional hunting and gathering practices lost everything because of you, you silly uninformed stunned Euro Trash #$%^&.
The harp seal is NOT an endangered species..Children orphaned by AIDS in Africa are endangered. Animals and people dying from the drought in Nairobi are endangered. The women of Afghanistan under the Taliban regime were endangered and the way things are going for peacekeepers could be again. Raise awareness of a REAL cause for @#$%^ sake.
I heard a horrific account of how a young woman was "disappeared" in Argentina in the '70s on CBC radio this week. She was tortured to death by her captor's: they inserted a live rat into her vagina and sewed her shut. Guess what? This kind of thing is still going on in countries struggling through civil wars and corrupt regimes. Women in India and Pakistan are murdered and burned to death. People in Haiti are struggling against guerilla soldiers..aid workers can rarely get out of Port Au Prince to help people in the rural areas because of the dangers to their safety. DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT!!!!
As for your international ban on Canadian seafood, Paul. Shove that and your latest CD up your too rich ass.

RANT OVER...for now.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Dreams n stuff

I only remember a bit of last nights dreams. David Suzuki was in one but he had shaved. Was kinda weird, people in the dream were like Suzuki groupies "Could you sign my guitar??" etc. Odd. I remember vaguely that there was a water dream too. Wish I could access that one. Maybe a boat involved.... Had one the other night..was on a Pacific coast beach and was wondering at the differences I could see btween atlantic and pacific in the dream. A herd of seals close to shore and a couple on the beach, dolphins or porpoises frolicking out in the deeper water. Spoke with people there including...YANNI. How bizarre is that? Must be because he's been in the news for roughing up his lady friend.
Ok..enough with weird dreams. My guacamole was delicious and I have some left. Yum. My semi Parmesan Chicken suppper was excellent. i say semi because it wasn't exactly Chicken Parmesan but based on it. There was chicken, sauce and cheese. Super easy and it was way tasty lemme tell ya. Richards was served on pasta..I had asparagus on the side.
Here's a brief synopsis of the prep: mix garlic powder and onion powder, salt and pepper, and some Italian herbs in a freezer bag, and coat chicken with it.(or rub into chicken pieces). Heat oil in a pan and gently fry the chicken (in this case boneless skinless thighs) with the lid on to have a semi moist cooking climate for the chicken(lowish heat). Some juices will collect. When chicken is done, spoon some pasta sauce (roasted portobello mushroom spaghetti sauce in this case) onto the chicken, then raise the heat to simmer and reduce the chicken juices and the sauce that combines with them. Serve chicken and sauce over pasta and top with a mix of cheeses including Parmesan and veg or salad as a side. 4 food groups in less than half an hour! Do I rock or what? Tell me I rock.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Instead of hearing how awful someone feels here is an opportunity to hear how great someone is feeling. I wish I felt this freakin' good everyday! man, I would have SUCH a clean house because my energy level today was high high high. Super caffeinated high but I didn't have any more coffee than usual. Weird.
Anyhoo, I vacced, have the car in the shop, did some laundry, cleaned out the fridge, made it to Curves, took Ben to the orthodontist aaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnd Discovered Fruiterie 440. Oh My G---- ! Produce Heaven. Un-Freakin-believable. Spent 28 dollars and got heaps of stuff to re-fill the fridge. The kids are putting a dent in it already! Yeah!
So, the car is in the shop...its been trying to overheat since Saturday and to drive one needs to keep the heat cranked to drain heat away from the engine. Yick. Won't be ready til tomorrow so I driving a Pontiac Montana. What a big ol' boat that is! Yipes.
Ben's retainer is helping his teeth really well. The orthodontist is pleased with the improvement and Ben has been really great about having the hardware in his mouth. Totally cool about it and pretty responsible too.
Hmmm...lets seee...didn't grind up my incense today. Just didn't get around to it but I will definitely get to it. it was just too good to not keep on hand. I was pretty wired after using it last night. Wonderful stuff!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Happy Ostara/Equinox

Aaah what a day! It feels so good to be healthy again!!!!!! The sun was lovely today...a fitting commencement of Spring! Yeah! Its here baby! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tonight as a celebration of the new season and the waning moons banishing powers, I burned Frankincense, Juniper berries, Lavender, and Cedar to dispell negative energies and clear the way for the new brighter Season of Spring. Oh man it smelled soooo good and made me all happy! I burned it indoors and outside...I was scared my house alarm would go off from the smoke. Hate when that happens. I figured it could help spread the magic too by having it outdoors as well as in.
If I have time tomorrow I will mortar and pestle some and bottle it for future use.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Stuff and Nonsense

Its Saturday and I'm frozen!!! Stupid winter. Its not even all that cold out but while the kids were in ski class we went to a garden supply store in Piedmont. i got chilled there BUT I got a big ass hat for gardening at 60% off! Its so cool and I love it. Also got liquid plant food and peat pots. I hate peat pots but since they were way cheaper than the reusable plastic and I will need to repot seedlings again before garden time, it was the more affordable method.
The St Pat's parade is tomorrow. i want to take the kids for a bit of fun.

Friday, March 17, 2006

WynterGreene is back

FINALLY! Its been a long time since I've had an issue if the Montreal Pagan Community's magazine. They've had production problems but now its back and I must say the issue I pulled out of my mailbox was quite good.
Some might think: Big deal? Whats the importance of a little rag like that? Well, for some of us its a way of staying in contact with the greater community and learning what others think and feel about issues and ideas. Especially important for solitaries that don't have a regular group mind situation to connect with.
I am finding my solitary status a bit debillitating for me. I am shy of exposing myself and what I believe to others for fear of looking foolish. I'm not very experienced in the ways and whyfores of Spirit and don't go in for regular ritual work or spell work. One might think: Then whats your point? I think one can be a believer and hold things sacred without a lot of song and dance and pomp and circumstance. Its as simple as feeling thanks for a sunny day or a happy moment. As simple as praying for strength when things are hard. Of trying to live a respectful life...respect-FULL not respectable...holding others and the Earth with respect. Being respectable is good too, I suppose :oD.
But its a lonely way, solitariness. Its good to share ideas and energies with others in a healthy respectful way. I am missing that from being in class with CMS. The idea of forming a group out here on the North Shore was suggested and I am considering putting the call out for like minded folk to meet up and see what shakes out. I am putting it off for no other reason than I am shy. Believe it or not..
Anyways, this is why I am glad Wyntergreene is back.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


My friend Nancy asked me yesterday if I was happy here, having moved from Nova Scotia and all I knew and held dear 9 months ago. How does one answer that? Yes I am happy but.... Then the 'but' negates the whole "Yes I am happy". How about "I am not unhappy."? Hmmm.....its trickier than it seems.
Life here is very different in some ways...some ways very very good, some not as good. I am happy to be a whole family again. We didn't really enjoy the 6 month separation.
I really enjoy the Q92 morning show....we have our clock radio set to Q92 and always stay in bed until after the Maureen Holloway segment at about 10 after 7. Aaron and Tasso's show always brings a smile such as today when someone phoned in about a cat stranded on the median of the Metropolitan. They wanted someone to rescue it and had their own efforts underway when someone called to say they had it safely in their vehicle. How heart warming is that??? A bright spot on a chilly morning.
I am rambling. That what lonlieness will do for ya............

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

You know you are a boring person when....

.......You are tickled pink to buy new bath mats for the bathroom.
This is too sad for words.
But they are a really nice shade of blue and 100% cotton!!
I need a life! :oD

Earth Day is coming!

Isn't it wonderful that a special day that was once not well known or even recognised is now advertised on TV so that the general public can educate themselves and take part.
Try to make everyday Earth Day!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


I am just so sleepy. After Cammie went to school today I curled up on the sofa and went back to sleep. Had a 2 hour nap yesterday afternoon after Richard came back home from work because he was just too sick to stay. Ben busied himself with TV and computer while I slept this morning. He's feverish and coughing but not terribly sick. I've had 2 cups of coffee and I still want to curl up for more sleep.
The cough is practically gone today. Sinuses fairly clear as well. I am definitely nOT sick. But still so tired. Don't want to do any chores or projects or anything.
I don't think this is just my laziness.
Filled out an order for 3 packs of seeds from Terra Edibles. Superfantastic tomatoes, Sugar Snap peas, and Grandpa Ott's Morning Glories.
I am so sick of winter I could cry. I need some sun. A chair in the sun to snooze in like a fat old cat. Hey! maybe this is why my cats sleep so much these days??? They are sick of winter too!
A couple of weeks ago Richard actually asked for a spell. How wierd is that?? I asked him, very tongue in cheek"Oh..are we believeing in magic now??" and his reply is that he'll believe in anything if it helps him close this huge case he has been working on. It would me a fantastic bonus next January and would allow us to reduce our debt substantially ANNNND perhaps put a down payment on some land in NS. Our debt is ridiculous compared to some folk. We are still paying for the business that we sold a year and a half ago. This is on top of credit cards, bills, mortgages, car payment.... To reduce our debt would be great. There'd be less month left at the end of the money!
So now my man seems to be less disbelieving. Interesting...............Very interesting. Makes me wish I was more adept and could show off or something...LOL
I miss the magical folk I know and love. Scarlet, Hobbes, Nathalie, Flavia......everyone. I'm tired of my self imposed sabbatical. Come on september...I want my level 2.
Until then I need more on Shekinah (Shekhina). I can't find much else online...very sketchy. Tomorrow is payday and I NEED that book The Hebrew Goddess by Raphael Patai. I tried to get it at Chapters in Point Clair but they were all out. I hate ordering things...I like my instant gratification.
I'm aaallll about the instant gratification........

Saturday, March 11, 2006


Boredom is a serious pain in the ass. Its not as though I have nothing to do..the wild and unruly dust bunnies free ranging my home and foraging for crumbs can attest to the fast that yes I do have many things I could be doing. I just don't wanna do 'em! When I feel this way I am reminded of my mother (Bored!? I'll give ya something to do!!!!.) and am tempted to go hide under my covers until I feel moderately industrious and find something worthy to do with my time so I don't feel like such a pimple on the butt of humanity.
Illness report: I have successfully passed the flu on to another human and so the plan for world domination is well on its way to fruition. Poor Cameron has a fever and is quite clingy when the ibuprofen isn't kicked in yet...which is nice actually! anyone with kids will tell ya that the only time you get serious CALM snuggles is when they are sick as dogs. Its the only time they can be still and quiet! Richard enjoyed some serious snuggle time last night after work when Cam passed out during a snuggle. Once the fever lowered and the ibuprofen kicked in (vive versa)he woke up and was ready to cuddle and watch a movie. Richard is such a patsy when the guys are sick. Off he went to the store to buy popsicles. ???! I save the popsicle thing for the throwing up kind of flu. It helps rehydrate them and the sugar gives them a little energy and the cold soothes the tummy and throat. In Daddyland, popsicles are for everything I guess. With a cold virus type flu it just sugars them up and they'd be better of with diluted juice to help flush the virus outta their system. Oh well. I guess I'm just jealous because when I was feeling at deaths door he didn't bring me any treats. And he had the nerve to say he looked after me. HA! No sir he did not. When pushed for one instance of nurturing me through the flu he came up with one thing...and it was the ONLY thing! But he somehow deluded his feeble brain into thinking he helped me get better?! Mental.
Richard and Ben are now off to ski. While Ben is at his lesson Richard is going to do some ski fond (xcountry). Its a seriously gorgeous day and I wish Cam and I were up to joining in. The air is just lovely! And the SUN! Oh mercy me its just divine. I stood on the back step letting it beat down on me and it was great. The cats can't decide whether to be in or out. In, their paws stay dry. Out, its fresh and springlike! decisions decisions.
well...thats it for now. We have company coming tomorrow from Ottawa and this house ain't gonna vaccuum itself. I'll con Ben into mopping the kitchen floor later. He thinks its a FUN thing to do. Heeheeheee.

Thursday, March 09, 2006


Well, its Thursday and I am still alive and actually feel quite a bit better today. So far. The fever and chills seems to have passed and most aches and pains are gone. Still have a stuffy nose and a cough which is to be expected and is in no way incapacitating.
Bad news is that the cough may not be as innocent as it appears. when I take a deep breath there is the ominous crackle and ping that may mean Pneumonia. Having had it several times in the last few years I can recognise the diff between regular ol' chest congestion and the dreaded Pn. Once you get it, you are more susceptible to it in future and it causes a scarring of a sort on the lungs . In the last 7 years I think I have had it 4 times. Didn't get it last year though!! yay me. I will monitor it today to see if it goes away and if not I will go see a doc about antibiotics.
Back home I wouldn't have to wait. I'd call Edith to come with her stethoscope or I'd show up at her house and say " get the stethoscope!". Why does she have a stethoscope? Her kids have asthma and it comes in handy in monitoring their attacks etc. Anyways, she'd listen to my breathing and either say "Nah yer good" or "git yer ass to the emergency room/doctor/outpatients clinic (depending on the time of day/day of the week)"
Thanks to ibuprofen and decongestants yesterday, I felt human and somewhat capable so I made supper for the first time this week. Jambalaya! Yum yum yum. I love tomatoey things like pasta and tomatoes or rice and tomatoes. Adding seafood and ham just makes it even better.
Speaking of tomatoey things, my tomato seedlings are doing dandy. There must be about 30 of them and I didn't use the whole package at all! Holy Schmoley! I set up my propagation box (foil lined box to maximise light) in the window and have everyone in there. The rose campion, Morgenrot Lychnis, and shoo fly have also sprouted with varying degrees of success. Nothing at all from the hairy beardtongue and teasel. Just waiting for true leaves to get going before the potting begins. If anyone wants a tomato plant this spring speak up. The are Principe Borghese, a 1 ounce tomato that makes great sun dried tomatoes and sauces. I cannot keep them all and I feel so guilty if I throw the unwanted seedlings away. I may have to have an end of the driveway Plant Give Away this spring. My sis says I should sell them . In the country I might have done that: set up a plant sale stand in the yard for passers by. They aren't uncommon to see along the road and I have stopped to buy clumps of perennials. But in the 'burbs it seems tacky.
I am only keeping 3 tomato plants. I MEAN IT! ...... really. I learned my lesson last year. Maybe I should start some slicer tomatoes though.....?hmmmmmmmmm

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Eating my words

Ok...I gave in and took a regular strength ibuprofen this morning for my aches...and another this afternoon. After 3 hot baths for the chills and mucho misery, I went and bought some Nyquil so's I can perhaps sleep tonight.
Somebody pass my some ketchup for my crow au vin.......

Sick again

I suppose I could dope myself up with cold meds and carry on but Unless I feel at deaths door I choose to stay drug free. But I bet hot toddies are better than they sound...might try that tonight in order to sleep better. ugh.
had lunch with Nathalie yesterday which was lovely. I had gone in for my MPRC shift since I missed the last two do to spring break and being sick. Big mistake as far as this cold goes but seeing Nathalie was worth it.
Speaking of meds: how about this new Tylenol info? Well, its not really all that new but the company is being very pro-active about it which is good. Acetaminophen (Tylenol) causes liver problems when take in excess by improper dosage. They have an add out now that says basically if you aren't dgoing to take the drug properly they would prefer if you didn't buy it at all. HA! Thats good for sales...NOT! But it's true...some people with a teensy twinge of a headache etc will take a double or triple dose thinking it will work faster and longer than a regular dosage when thats simply not true. The liver is not made to take such abuse of its metabolical powers! Ibuprofen, while easier on the liver, carries its own side effects when taken in excess over time: ulcers. My mom was taking it for her arthritic aches and ended up with a bleeding ulcer. Also, as a smoker she had a chronic cough and stuffy nose and took cough syrup for that. All her self medicating landed her in the hospital and it could have been much worse! We had no idea how much cough syrup she was ingesting and with her diabetes and other drugs she could have died from a lethal interaction. She got off easy, if you can call it that.
So the long and short is that I will suffer the snotty nose and cough until I just can't anymore. Consider me the anti Advil ad.
I HATE that commercial.

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Firstly, because I joined Curves last night and found out I lost another 4 1/2 pounds. YEESSSS! Secondly, because I joined Curves last night and will soon be on my way to further loss and some BADLY needed conditioning. Thirdly, we have our vacation booked for the 15th to 22nd of July at a fab cottage in NS that belongs to my sisters inlaws and she will allow our dog, seeing as how its US. I'S GOIN' HOME!!!!! Come ooooonnnn July!!!! And Fourthly, because its soon spring and the snow WILL melt and I can get into the dirt again. Having severe dirt withdrawls and house plants just ain't cuttin' it any more! OH, and fifthly my wallpaper FINALLY arrived. Its even better for the livingroom than we'd thought. Woo Hoo!
Happy happy joy joy happy happ joy joy........